As The Earth Begins to Die

Stones crunch and roll beneath my boots
and the salmon who finished spawning
give up their bodies to the earth
laying like so many offerings on the shore.
The mist that settles in at my collar
collects and makes a sacred trail
down towards my spine.

How can trees that are so wet
look so engulfed in fire
with their leaves change from
alive, to breathtaking, to... dead.

I see the shifty scavenger at my peripherals,
and sense the quiet about the descent
as the earth prepares for sleeping
I prepare for my own descent, of sorts.

Touching the frigid water to my forehead,
I saw a silent prayer of thank you
I fiddle with a stone in my pocket
and remember the richness of colour
in this moment, as the earth begins to die.

© Jess Johnson, 2019, All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce or publish any part of this poem without the author's permission and full credit and link back to this post and website.

Self-Love September; Self-Love When Your Need is Desperate

My husband and I have had a hard time this month with our oldest child who is smack dab in the middle of her challenging teenage years, and just started her first year of high school. If I thought we had gotten a taste of teenage attitude in the previous years, I was wrong. That, my friends, was a warm-up. What we're getting now is full-on disdain, disregard for our rules, thoughts, and opinions, and at times, I'm pretty sure a streak of loathing. I love my kids fiercely, but sometimes, I don't like them very much...

This past week or so has really been a struggle for me in terms of my own mental-health. Things have been said and inferred that are very hard not to take personally. I've been doing my best to protect myself, but I thought that instead of staying quiet about this struggle that some of the coping strategies I have been using can be useful to you too. Some of them are basic, and you've probably heard of them before, but sometimes a reminder isn't a …

Self-Love September; Self-Loving Practices for Empaths

If it is one word that I was called a lot growing up, it was "sensitive." I was accused of being too sensitive, overly-sensitive, a raw nerve, looking too deeply into people's reactions, and anticipating emotions or moods that weren't visible yet (but that almost always became apparent shortly) by my parents and family members. It was often said that I was going to be either an actress or a lawyer when I grew up, and since I grew up to be neither, I like to gloat about this point with my grandma once in a while, just for a shared giggle. But I did realize when I was in my early adulthood that all the things my parents thought I was making too much of a fuss about were because I was empathic, and feeling or sensing things that were often hard for other people to see or feel. I wasn't being dramatic when I reacted quite emotionally to something that was said to me, but usually because I felt the full force of the impact of the statement, on both an emotional as wel…

Self-Love September; Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid

If I've learned anything over the years, it's that self-love is a daily practice Some days are easier, and some are damned difficult to survive, let alone doing anything supportive or loving for myself. I think back to days when I was recovering from an emergency appendix removal surgery, a 2-month-old baby in my arms, high as a kite on Tylenol #3's, and feeling utterly exhausted. It was all I had just to finish feeding him the bottle and hand him off to my mom before I collapsed into bed to sleep. Self-love for me that day was having the wisdom to realize I couldn't recover from surgery and care for a newborn all by myself, that I needed to sleep, and that I needed to accept someone else snuggling my baby for a while.

Fast forward nearly 9 years, and now that newborn baby is in grade 4, a busy, energetic and intelligent kid who loves video games and Pokemon. My self-love practise has changed as drastically as he has, and I now take off once a week, leaving all 3 of my…

As the summer winds down...

It’s so easy this time of year to get excited about what’s coming... Samhain. It’s almost in the air, it’s so close. And yet, we still have to get through a whole sabbat first before we get to beloved Samhain. If you’re a parent like me, you probably want August to go by quickly, so the kids can just go back to school already. In my house, by Lughnasadh, September can’t come fast enough. But as pagans and witches, as a people who constantly remind others that we are practicing a nature-based path, shouldn’t we be trying to soak in every day, really revelling in the season we’re in, instead of always looking to the next one? This is an internal struggle I face every year, trying to savour summer, even though it isn’t my favourite season.

Something that helps me slow down and focus on enjoying the time I’m in here and now is to focus on the wildlife, and interacting with it if possible. This past Sunday my husband and I took our kids to Manning Park, a beautiful Provincial Park in BC. W…

A Sale and New Offerings!

Hello my loves, it's been a while! Summer has kept me quite busy between the kids, vacation, and running things at Stellar Tarot! I'm here today to tell you about a couple of exciting things that are happening here, including a sale on my (and other!) books at The Girl God, and a new offering I have!

So first off, The Girl God is having a summer sale on many of its books, and you can pick many titles up for only $10, but only for a limited time! Click here for more information! And, if you're a writer or artist and want to be featured in my anthology Warrior Queen, all about the Morrigan, then check out this post for requirements! I'd love to publish your work, so send those pieces on in!

Finally, I'm excited to announce the launch of my first ever e-course! Discovering Deity is all about how to find the right deity for you to work with, whether it be a god, goddess, or even a pop pantheon figure! For a very limited time it's available at an Early Bird Price of…

Our Weekend Getaway to the Cabins

I hope you enjoy this little video of my vacation and don't forget to subscribe to my secondary channel while you're there! I upload non-spiritual content like cooking and recipes, organization and cleaning videos, makeup videos, Project Pan, and more!