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The Power of Color.

I want to start off this post by apologizing. Apologizing for not posting much at all these days here on the blog. If you watch my YouTube Channel you will have heard me talking about the various things that keep me busy, and in particular lately, my father in law’s fight with terminal cancer. Even when I’m not actively at work or helping my in-laws out, I am devoting a lot of mental energy to them. There are times I just sit on the couch and while my children play, I close my eyes and send healing and loving energy to them, hoping to either relieve some pain, provide some comfort, ease him into sleep, or provide a bit of emotional strength to my mother in law while she deals with all of this, and in her home no less. The amount of strength and bravery and love she is showing to him and to all of us is inspiring, to say the least. So, the only thing that has been getting my attention is the YouTube channel, simply because it’s easy to whip out a video really quickly before work, or wh…