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Reflections from a Home Yoga Retreat

A couple (or three) weeks ago, I posted this vlog, detailing my idea for an at-home yoga retreat during the week of Spring Break, and got a great response from people, saying that they loved the idea, and would like to give it a try someday as well. I could of course not lay claim to coming up with this idea, however, I read about it in the January edition of Yoga Journal. I tried out a new studio in town the week I posted this video, and the next week, purchased my pass, and proceeded to, starting this Monday past, to do a daily practice there, sometimes a twice-daily practice. I tried every class that she had to teach there, from Yoga Basics, to Restorative, to Yin, to a kick-my-butt Level 2 class where I got to practice all sorts of juicy and challenging poses, and in the process, I found myself a little more.

As I stepped onto my mat each day, I would breathe in deeply, close my eyes, and forward fold, going inward, stoking the fires of my passions, my healthy, my peace, my love f…