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My Bookshelves (picture heavy)

So, in case you didn't know this already from my multiple references to books in my videos and blog before, not to mention my Facebook page, I'm a bibliophile, big time. I love nothing more than to browse new and used bookstores, looking for treasures amidst the shelves. I love it when bookstores smell like bookstores, I love it when they place classical music all day long, and I will forever judge a quality of a bookstore by its children's section - if it doesn't inspire me to be whimsical and child-like again, I'm out. Stuffed animals of famous characters, little chairs, a few toys, and all the shelves at a child's level are a must, and I'm lucky enough to have two such stores in my city like that. One has posters of old rock and roll bands and movies everywhere and plays obscure rock music from the 70's, with extra shelves literally built all the way up to the ceiling on top of the regular book shelves, books packed into every single corner, coming o…

You will notice some changes.

As you may have noticed, things have changed a bit around here at the Gentle Psychic blog. There is a new header, lots of new pages, and even images that take you to separate hidden pages so you can connect with me, and view clips of my channel without leaving the page! I’m working on integrating everything together to make one big coherent beast, and brand it all under my title of the Gentle Psychic. Yes, that’s correct, I’m dropping the “Wisdom” bit of things. It makes stuff a bit too long, and it makes things a little more complicated than I really want. I hope that as I continue to change things up a bit, that you will stick with me, bear with the confusion when it happens, and put forth your opinions and comments when you have relevant ones.I’m also going to be working towards providing another type of reading on my shop, the more traditional WRITTEN ones. Making videos that are background-noise free and that really show off the cards is becoming increasingly difficult with the …

Spiritual Evolution

So many of us who are attracted to Tarot come to it during exploration of a Pagan-esque style of religion or spiritual soul-searching, and I am no exception. At the ripe old age of twelve is when I first became aware of Wicca, and explored that religion heavily, eventually discovering Tarot as it was mentioned in several of the books I read. I purchased my first deck at the age of 16, a standard Rider-Waite, and then quickly branched out by purchasing two more decks as I came across them, the Unicorn Tarot, and the Witches Tarot – to clarify, the one where the backs are black, with an uncentered silver pentacle on them. I dabbled with my Tarot cards for about 7 years or so, never really becoming totally familiar with them, and then when I left my ex-husband in 2007, I left my Tarot cards, and most of my earthly possessions behind when my parents rescued me from that abusive relationship and brought me back to Canada from the United States to start my life over again, at the young age …