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The Blood Dance

Well, I wasn't going to type up anything about a new oracle card this week, seeing as how I just got back from vacation, but then I pulled this card for myself today, and all bets were off:

The Blood Dance card speaks about how our hearts are the Divine, and our blood is our connection to the Divine. The further away from the heart the blood goes the harder it is to feel the connection, but it is all part of a cycle. The heart pumps the blood away to all sorts of places, and then it returns. Away, return, away, return. Just like our connection with the Divine, in whatever form you feel it or see it in. This card comes at a time when that reassurance is very much needed. I've had a hard couple of days emotionally (not to mention physically, Baby is kicking my butt bad this week), and I feel anything but connected and switched on spiritually. A reminder that this is all part of the Blood Dance was exactly what I needed to hear. 
So, what do you do when your Blood Dance takes you …

My Vacation in Photos

So as I stated several days ago, I went away to my family cabins in the Caribou of British Columbia, Canada. This property was purchased by my great-grandfather on my mother's side, and over several year's time, four cabins were constructed, one for each of his children, as well as storage sheds, and a garden swing that is still there today, with minimal modifications made to it. Porcupine Creek runs through our property, and its a spawning stream for rainbow trout, which we can also catch in the nearby lake, less than 2km away from the property. It's a peaceful place, being about a 10 minute drive from the nearby village, and a dirt road runs along the front of the property. It's not uncommon to see deer, black bears, and rarely, cougars, along with a myriad of birds, rodents, and small mammals like rabbits. 
Below is a collection of pictures of my visit to our lovely cabins, along with some scenes from my trip to the lake with my husband, and the ride back. Not pict…

Setting Goals

This Sunday, the 17th, my family and I are going away for a week's vacation to our family cabins in the interior of British Columbia, a trip I have looked forward to each summer every since I was a young child. My great-grandfather bought a piece of land when my mother was just a girl (if she was even born yet) and a cabin was built for each of his four children and their families to use when they came up each summer. We have a decent sized piece of sprawling land, complete with a few small hills, lots of conifer and cottonwood trees, and even a creek running through the property that sees salmon coming back to spawn each year. Less than 2 km away is a lake where you can swim and go fishing for rainbow trout, and we are set right in between two mountains with a dirt road running in front of us, to round a bend a little up the hill and disappear out of sight. It is peaceful, still, and quiet, well, except when the children get up and decide it's time to play! It is not uncommon…

Battling another wave of depression.

If you've been a watcher of my videos and followed me for a time, then you are most likely aware that depression has been a dark visitor in my past, not just once or twice, but several times. I'm no stranger to that ominous feeling of the blues creeping in, slowly but surely setting in and getting worse, until I'm at the point of not wanting to get out of bed any more, lethargy, and lack of desire or motivation to do anything but channel surf, walk aimlessly about my house, and stare outside of windows, cursing anyone I see walking by who seems even mildly chipper. And I've discovered that it's happening, once again.

Pregnancy is always a time of crazy hormones, confused bundles of feelings, and strange and wonderful things happening to your body, and for a lot of people with a history of mental illness, even mild history, it can trigger a descent into depression. It happened post-partum for me last time, but this time it seems to be happening right in the middle o…

Know Your Fears

This week's card has been drawn from my newest oracle deck, The Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan. I received it yesterday, and I've been playing around with it a little bit, and I must say, it's been pretty accurate so far. I think this deck will end up being in my top 5 favourites. Here is the card:

Know Your Fears talks about knowing what scares you intimately, and addressing them head-on. We're talking about all kinds of fear; spiders and other creepy-crawlies, heights, and the big ones too, like failure, rejection, and embarrassment. A lot of us give fear a bad name, sighting it as the reason we don't go for things we want, because we fear failure or rejection as mentioned above, but fear can be a healthy thing too. There is a reason we are instinctually afraid of going down into a dark cellar - we don't know what's down there, we are afraid of what we might find, or, what might find us. Fear can be a healthy mental check for us, it warns of us danger…

Finally! A respite from the heat!

Maybe I finally complained loudly enough, or maybe Mother Nature finally got the call reminding her to wind down for autumn, but the heat wave that has had me suffering like a shade-loving flower under constant sun has finally broken. Today, instead of climbing to 30 degrees Celcius or higher, the temperature only reached 28 at it's highest. Not much a difference, you might say, but those 2 degrees meant the difference between me being sweaty and miserable, and me being comfortably warm and actually able to concentrate on something for more than 5 minutes. And tomorrow, the temperature is only supposed to reach 25 or 26 degrees! Much more manageable!
As such, I've been able to sit down for long periods of time to focus on the subject I most want to study right now... tarot! But I'm not doing just any study! I'm working through Kim Huggen's book, Tarot 101, which is literally like taking a university style course on tarot. It goes over some brief history and structu…

This Week's Oracle Card

I hope that everyone had a lovely Lughnasadh, and that it was filled with abundance, gratitude, and so much more. For myself, it was a great day. I spent the morning with my son before we went shopping to get our local harvest items and came back home to have lunch and to bake bread. Our dinner of BC steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh made bread was delicious, and after dinner I settled down to make myself a new style of journal. I watched 2 people's videos that day and got ideas to combine them, a lunar calendar journal and a daily tarot journal all in one, and as soon as I could, I raced out to Target and picked up my own planner and got to work personalizing it. If you want to see that video, then here it is:

But enough about that. We're here for a card! Last week I drew from Steven Farmer's Earth Magic oracle deck, and this week, I have chose a card from another one of his decks, the Animal Spirit Guides deck. This is the card that I drew:

As we are all …