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DIY Halloween Decorations

So, to go totally off the spirituality topic, I'm an all-around crafty person. Always have been, always will be. While my brothers regularly watched cartoon programs as kids, I was the one who always reserved my tv time for Art Attack on the weekends, and could easily spend hours at our playroom craft table, whipping up project after project. My grandma would always save prime crafting materials for me for the summer cabins too, like toilet paper rolls, wine corks, and bits of wallpaper or wrapping paper that weren't usable, but were perfect for collaging with. This tendency hasn't changed in me as an adult, and sometimes I practically live on Pinterest, and I go on big crafting binges on at the very least, a seasonal basis. This Halloween has been no exception.

First off, if you would like to see my entire Fall/Halloween board on Pinterest, you can find it here. I have both adult-orientated and child-friendly ideas there, as well as other nifty things, like potpourri and …