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Reflections on my children's birth dates, names, and personalities.

Your eyes must be bugging out of your heads, seeing as how this is the second blog post in as many days, but I assure you, nothing is wrong... it just appears that I have more to say this week. With Winter Solstice quickly approaching, Christmas just days after that, closely followed by my delivery date, and a month later, my step-daughter's birthday, not to mention having just celebrated my son's birthday less than a month ago, well, you can see as to why I've been spending some time reflecting on my children, their times of birth, names, and personalities.

Let's start with Morgan... seeing as how she's the first born. Even though I didn't actually birth her into the world, I have had a great deal to do with her upbringing, especially since her mother moved out of the province two and a half years ago and she started living with us full time. Morgan was born on February 1, Imbolc, a very powerful time of year for us Pagans, and I think the timing of her birth …

Releasing 2014, and Planning 2015

As I write this, the latest video for my YouTube channel is going up, talking about things of a similar vein as this blog post; releasing 2014, and getting prepped and prepared for 2015. For the fourth year in a row, I'm using Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Year workbook, and I've also pre-purchased a Lunar Energy planner by Jessica at Second Reverie that I will be using in conjunction with it. I've always struggled to meld the goals for my tangible part of my world with the spiritual aspects of it, and I have a really good feeling that using the two workbooks together will allow me to get on track with both sets of goals.

Something else I talked about a lot in that video was reflecting on one of my biggest lessons of 2014, which finally managed to sink into my thick head last week: I, Jessica Johnson, have some serious control issues. Yes, I know, for many of you, this will NOT be a revelation. For me, however, recognizing that tendency within myself was huge, an…