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End of January already?

It's hard to believe, but yes, it's true. Today is the last day of January 2015, and I don't know about you, but this month has blown by very quickly for me. It seems like only a few days ago I was in the hospital, recovering from a c-section when my daughter was born. Emelie Sophia was born. She was born on December 30, 2014, 6lbs 10oz, and 19.5 inches long. She is a very calm and serene baby, and she pretty much only cries when she needs something. She is a pretty good sleeper too, but it would be nice if she would decide to have her more awake and alert periods during the day, when I am also alert and awake! Oh well, such is the life of having a newborn!

On Tuesday she turned 4 weeks old, and she is currently at about 8.5lbs in weight. We had a little bit of a scare when on Wednesday, our paediatrician said she was worried about Emelie's smaller head size, as it can sometimes indicate slowness of development, but after having an ultrasound done on her brain, we know…