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All Chakras Are Sacred

Most of us are familiar with the concept and idea of the chakra system; the (usually) seven energy centers of the body, which correspond with a physical endocrine organ or system in the body, or an organ that secretes body and mood altering hormones (for instance, the throat chakra is linked with the thyroid gland). But as spiritual seekers, a lot of us tend to view the upper three chakras as more important, and discredit the value of the lower three, seeing the body as more a vehicle for experiencing the spiritual, and therefore, of less value and importance. But I really feel that this idea and viewpoint couldn't be more wrong!

While it's certainly true that the upper three chakras are more closely linked with the ideas that we associate as having something to do with the divine or our spiritual experiences, it's also true that if it weren't for our physical bodies, we wouldn't be able to have these spiritual experiences and feelings in the first place. Our bodie…


If you are a mother, or perhaps even close friends with a new mom, the term "PPD" might already be familiar to you. If it's not, then this post may be enlightening for you. PPD stands for Post-Partum Depression, and yes indeed ladies and gents, I am suffering from it.

It's nearly 7 weeks to the day since little Emelie was born, and while I am of course, over the moon with joy about having her here at last after that challenging pregnancy, I am finding it hard to be joyFUL. There are so many reasons I could name to possible causes of it; history of depression in my own life, a challenging and stressful pregnancy, challenges with my other two children, feeling like a ghost in my own home, but really, at the end of the day, finding a cause isn't going to do me any good.

I need to find a solution.

Even as I say that, I feel a wave of apathy coming on. It's too late to fix this, part of me says... depression is already upon me, might as well wallow in it. Another …