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Bealtaine 2015

After four months of not celebrating sabbats at all, due to being heavily pregnant and then exhausted with recovery and everything else that comes along with the early weeks of baby rearing, my spiritual practice and the craft were fleeting dreams. But at Bealtaine I finally had the right mix of things in order to actual perform ritual and get into the spirit of things: a well-fed, great sleeping baby, and a father who was more than happy to take her from me and give me the much needed time to get into things. It was heavenly, and the fact that I reserved my Bealtaine practice for the full moon only a couple days after the actual sabbat day meant that I had a lot of other wicked, divine and sumptuous energies in the mix too.

This particular didn't go up until a few days ago, but the altar I had for the actual ritual wasn't half bad either. I felt the energies of the sun and the God surge into me, giving me the motivation and the drive to move past some things that have been bo…