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Journeys and Shape-Shifting

Whenever you birth something into the world, be it a child, a project, a piece of art, what have you, it changes you. Birthing is a potent process that strips away pieces of you that are no longer needed, and brings into existence something totally new and separate from you, and yet not so separate. In December of last year, I birthed a child into the world. During the summer of this year, I birthed a whole new spiritual practice and outlook on life. It's been a long time coming.

As a result of this birth process, things were asked to be stripped away. Like the anniotic fluid that surrounds a fetus and nourishes it, there are often practices or objects or music or inspiration that surrounds a person when they are birthing something creative and spiritual, that no longer serves them when they come out the other side. Such were my old YouTube videos, and my old name for world. I am no longer in vibration with The Gentle Psychic or Journeys of the Psyche. I am just Jess...just plain …