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Witch Crafts: Knitted Goddesses

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to a website on my Facebook page, to a woman's online store called Greenwoman Studio. She makes all sorts of need things, but the item that really stood out for me were her handknit goddesses. I guess you could call them stuffies, or even charms or spells, depending on how you approach it. I toyed with the idea of purchasing one, but with some of them being over $50 a pop (USD) I had to say no. Luckily, Greenwoman sells her pattern. And I just happen to be a whiz with a set of knitting needles.

I purchased the pattern, and 2 whirlwind days later, I had produced three of them. I decided almost right away that I would make one for each of my daughters as sleep charms, and one for myself to use as part of a spell, but also to serve as an altar decoration, focal point, and hell, I'll admit it - a comfort object to hold on to when I'm having one of those days/moments/nights.

I knew I wanted to stuff the goddesses with a blend of herbs that…

To reverse, or not to reverse? That is the question!

The world of tarot is inundated with new decks and books all the time. This time 10 years ago you had a few choices beyond the traditional Rider-Waite or Thoth decks, but not a lot. The trend towards themed decks hadn't really caught on yet, and the idea of using tarot as something other than a tool to tell your future was also quite unheard of. So the same old ideas about tarot continued to proliferate; you had a significator card being chosen for most readings based on their physical features "matching" ones intended by the court cards, ideas about how you should acquire your tarot cards (as a gift, rather than purchasing it yourself), and of course, the idea of reading cards that are reversed. 
Early in my tarot career, I did read reversed cards. I wanted to follow the status quo on that front, and of course, wasn't there a special little blurb in the book about how to read the card if it's reversed? Weren't they intended to be read both ways? But as time…

Preparing for Ostara

But it's only March 2nd, Jess! Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself?

Well, maybe... but I find around the 3 week mark after a sabbat, I kind of naturally start to drift away from the energy of what was, into the energy of what is coming up. I'm either getting on the bandwagon early because I'm really feeling the spirit of the season, or because I'm decidedly NOT feeling it. This year with Ostara, it's the former. And for big turn-of-the-season sabbats, that's usually how I am... my eyes are popping with all the signs of the changes, the return of green and color the earth is putting a spring in my step (yes, pun intended) and the very air around me feels ripe with possibility, energy, and freshness.

This year, Ostara and Easter are actually quite close together, separated only by a week. This makes it, in my opinion, so much easier to incorporate my sabbat festivities with the socially-accepted holiday, because I am able to actually get the whole f…