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The Sacred Power of RED; Menstrual Blood in Magick

Thus far I've shied away from talking too much about magick on this blog, but that's about to change lovebugs, and I'm busting out of this little shell in a big way. That's right, I'm going to pop my magick-blog cherry by talking about something that may make some of you rather uncomfortable... menstrual blood, and magick.

First off, before we go ANY further, please understand one thing: I am well aware that if you Google "menstrual blood, magick" that pretty much every article that pops up will talk about using menstrual blood in love or romantic control spells. This blog post couldn't be further from that topic if it tried. If any of you have watched my YouTube channel for more than 5 minutes, you will know that when I read for others, I refuse to read for what I call "the absent third-party." Meaning, if that person isn't sitting in front of me (or paying for the reading), I'm not reading for, or about them. So, please rest assure…

Dogma in The Craft

I don't know about you guys, but when I first discovered witch craft at the age of 12, I was already so done with the dogma of my Catholic upbringing. I hated being told exactly what to think. I hated the idea that the only rules I could follow were the ones that God set down for us. I  hated that my idea of what was "good" and what Catholicism thought was "good" didn't always match up. When my mom stopped making me go to church, I was over joyed. I felt free, and when I picked up a copy of Candlelight Spells a few weeks later, I was hooked for life.

I didn't drop anchor at Wicca. It was an appealing religion on many levels, but a lot of the "rules" that Wicca had didn't quite match up with what I believed, or wanted to do. The idea of working in a coven, for instance, was something that I pursued for a long time because I felt that I had to. When I finally gave myself permission to practice as a solitary, it was a relief. But then, it bro…