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Everyday Sacred; Making Tea

(all images in this post are sourced from Google Images, and come from Pinterest and Tumblr. My searches included witch tea and pagan tea, in case you want to find them yourself)

As a pantheistic witch, my faith views are that everything is sacred, from my fellow human beings to the things we create, to every rock, tree, and blade of grass. I believe in balance, and that everyday, mundane activities can be made sacred simply by the intention we put behind it. Of my favorite things to do everyday that feels sacred is to make tea. Whether it's my morning cup of Earl Grey to help me wake up, or a fancy loose leaf tea that I make to sip on during meditation or ritual, or a pot that I will share with friends, tea is something that I make constantly throughout the day, and that in my opinion, greatly improves the mood and energy, just by being there. 
Tea can do so much for me. I drink it as a stimulant in the morning, the heat and the taste feel like they are bringing me to life (not t…

92. Decks I'm Working With this Winter


Re-Inventing the Wheel

The Wheel of the Year is one of the first things that new witchlings and baby pagans come across when they start along the path. Learning which days are sacred to nature-based worship is often a point of interest, and dozens of books have been written on the subject of sabbats, their history, and how to celebrate them in our day and age. But for many people, the Wheel of the Year is a tricky thing to incorporate into their Gregorian calendar, and lately, I've been no exception.
What we have come to know as the Wheel of the Year is a mish-mash of various ancient and modern holidays, that are spaced equally over the span of a Gregorian calendar, about 6 weeks apart from each other. Many of them have related holidays close by, or on the date of pagan holidays, with different names, like Candlemas or Imbolc landing on the modern Groundhog Day. When pagans first start to circle the wheel, it can feel very strange or even out of place to celebrate a day that they have never given much …