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Back At it Again

Some of you may remember that about 3 years ago I had a shop on Etsy that I sold tarot and oracle card readings from, and, you may also remember that about 2 and a half years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest child, Emelie, I was facing a lot of health issues around that pregnancy, and was essentially unable to continue working as a tarot reader, as I was facing both a lot of difficult physical symptoms, as well as being quite troubled emotionally. I closed my shop down, intending to open it back up again a few months after she was born, and carry on as usual.

Things didn't exactly go according to plan. A lot has happened in the last 2 and a half years since I closed my shop, some good, some bad, but all of it ripe with lessons to be learned and experiences that made me grow as a person. But I am happy to say that as of yesterday, I am back in business as a tarot reader.
Those of you with long memories will look at that business name …


I have searched for you everywhere.  I looked for you in the changing moon, and in the rising sun.  I swam in rivers cold and walked amongst tall trees.  I lit candles in your honor, and tried many hats on for size. I listened to the whispering wind and tasted burning forests in the air.  I watched countries destroyed and questioned all the death. And then, when all the noise,  death, emotions, and nauseating smells threatened to break me, You appeared. and I realized it was You, always You. In everything, and were everywhere, and had been with me all along.
-A poem, by me. Copyright 2016 to Jess Johnson. May not be reproduced without written permission from the author. Feel free to share away on social media with proper credits though! <3