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What's in a Blog?

In this past year, I did an experiment. I regularly went to coffee shops on a Thursday night or Sunday morning and pulled up Blogger, and got my fingers tap-tap-tapping away on blog posts. I certainly managed to be more regular with my blogs than in previous years. But in the last couple of months, this practice stalled. I found myself unable to write much of anything, much less a blog, and activity here on the blog died down to silence. Today, on the last day of 2017, I felt compelled to break that silence.

These days I seem to find my voice more easily on camera, and I'm far more likely to sit down in front of my camera to do a vlog than I am to pull up my laptop and start writing a blog. I find that I'm feeling drawn to stop putting words down into documents, because I want those words to come to me when I sit down to journal, write poetry, or write for my upcoming Morrigan book. Blogging is taking that energy that I would normally have for writing, and quite frankly, I ne…

What Does Samhain Mean to You?

What is Samhain to you?

To me, Samhain is a time to start diving into my own psyche, to begin, or continue doing, shadow work. It's the time to look for what in your life is ready to metaphorically die, and then bury it. It's a time to remember my ancestors, both genetic and energetic, and honour them and their energies, to make offerings to them and bring them into the circle with you.

I also find that this time of year is the right time for doing work to heal the relationship you have with the memories of certain departed relatives. You know the ones I mean; the critical grandmother, the cynical aunt, or the distant and gruff great-uncle. People who you are related to, who never managed to overcome some of their biggest emotional obstacles in life, may regret or be saddened by the memories of themselves that they left behind when they passed over. If you have a relative who you found it difficult to connect to when they were living, now is a great time to try to do some heal…

Helpful, Everyday Practices for the Daily Witch

It occurred to me recently that one of my favorite type of posts to see on blogs, Facebook, and other media lately have been lists of things that were important to other people. Their daily routines, favorite television shows to watch, books to read, that sort of thing. Yet, I have never really done one of them myself, and that's a shame, because there's loads of lists I could make that might be of some interest to my readers. So, today, I'm doing a list of daily practices that can be helpful for the witch who wants to connect with the divine in the everyday.

Not every witch is big into elaborate, long rituals with dozens of candles and incense cones burning. Some of us have kids or pets that make this kind of practice rare, difficult, or downright dangerous (ever told a two-year-old to "no touching!" with a candle? Difficult!!!) to perform. So, I've started doing some of these things on a regular basis to connect me with the divine in little, stolen moments.

When Tarot Cards "Stalk" You

We've all experienced it... you sit down, pull up a deck of your favorite tarot cards, and start to shuffle. You're ready to receive a message, you're ready to see what the Divine has to say to you today. The cards slide between your hands, mixing over and over again, and then suddenly, you feel called to stop, and pull a card, or one flies out of the deck, grabbing your attention because it's THE CARD for today. You turn it over, and...

It's the same. Damned. Card. You. Had. Yesterday. And the day before, or earlier this week. Or just pulled basically the equivalent card from another deck.

Yup.. Tarot Card Stalkers. Tricky little blighters to deal with, aren't they? But as annoying as they can be to deal with, they serve a purpose. Chances are, you're ignoring something, a message you would rather not be true, or a situation you're hoping will just blow over if you give it enough time. As tempting as it can be to blame the return of that card on lazy s…

Taking Back your Personal Power

I wanted to sit down and write a blog post earlier today about taking back your personal power once you realize you've knowingly or unknowingly given it away to someone else, but the words wanted to come out as a video instead. I did two videos on this subject, the first I linked in with some of the concepts of National Coming Out Day, and the second provides helpful tips and advice on how to get  your own power back (or at least, I hope they're helpful!). I hope you guys will enjoy these videos, and as always, I welcome feedback, questions, etc in the comments section below.

Where are you, Samhain?

I confess, I am your average witch who lives for the Samhain/Halloween season every year. I love it when the weather turns chilly, the rains return, the leaves change colour and the winds start to blow. I live for sweater weather, having always been a person who prefers to dress in layers all cozy, rather than shorts, maxi dresses, and flip-flops. I love it when I can dig my scarves, hoodies, and shawls out, and wrap myself in coziness, pull blankets over my lap on the couch while I read or knit, and snuggle up with my kids for both warmth and love. But this year, I'm finding it hard to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Even before I identified as a pagan and as a witch, I lived for Halloween. I loved dressing up in costume as a kid, and when I was too old to go trick-or-treating I would decorate our house up for the season, usually going out of my way to make things like scarecrows, ghosts hanging from the front trees, and heaping up piles of leaves that I would dutifully rake up…

A New Deck..

My newest deck was added to my collection today. Want to see which one it is? You'll have to watch to find out!

Do you have this deck too? I'd love to know your thoughts on it, any suggestions you have for working with it, etc. Thanks for watching! 
-Bright blessings, Jess. 

On Becoming Strong

One of the highest compliments that I think I was ever paid was by my grandmother, 9 years ago, when I left my abusive ex-husband and began divorce proceedings. My parents had had to literally come and rescue me, as I was in another country, had no money of my own, no car, and no way to help myself out. I was being emotionally and psychologically abused, and it was starting to progress towards physical abuse as well, and I was terrified of my husband. I was terrified to go, but the only thing that scared me more than that was staying with him. And so, while he was a few hours away on a business trip, I packed my most important belongings and loaded them into my dad's Nissan Altima. We stayed in a hotel that night, and the next day I was back in my own country, living with my parents again and sleeping on the futon bed in the spare room. I talked to my grandmother the day after I arrived, and she said to me:
"Jessica, you're strong. You're like a cat, you always seem t…

I Am

I am an unlovable, terrible person.
That's what I tell myself when I cry.
It's why I need to be alone when tears start to flow,
it's why I break down into heart-wrenching sobs that seem

I know I am only human,
and that my vulnerability
only makes me more beautiful
But when I feel vulnerable,
I can't stop the impulse to

There are times I want to be a wallflower
to fade into the background,
and have you walk right by.
The pain of you seeing straight through me
is easier to bear
than the pain of being really seen.

If you see every flaw,
external and internal,
then surely,

That's why I fight ope n  i   n    g       u         p
You're too important to
I would burrow inside of you
if that wasn't
going to make me into a

So please,
I know I'm hard to love,
but can you try to, anyways?

This poetry is copyright to Jess Johnson, and may not be used or reproduced without the author's…

Daily Draws

Open almost any book on tarot cards, or scan through almost any tarot blogger's blog, and you'll find a million people backing the practice of doing daily draws to learn more about your tarot deck, and connect with it's energies better. And I am certainly one of those people who advocates this practice - if it resonates with you. But all too often lately I have found myself not at all inclined to do a daily draw with any of my decks, preferring instead to read my own cards only when I'm called to do so.

I think the reason for this is because by this point, I'm very well versed in what the standard meanings of the 78 cards are, both for me, and for a broader audience. I'm an intuitive reader, and so that means I often pick up non-traditional meanings and interpretations for people when I'm giving them readings. Sometimes these weave in and flow with traditional card meanings quite well. Sometimes, these meanings are quite different from what you'd norma…

Learning to Live With Less

I'll be the first person to admit that I've got a pretty good life. I was raised in a middle class family, and while we didn't always have the money for the best and newest things, we always had enough money to eat, have shelter, and get the occasional treat. Our family vacations were never lavish and exotic, but mostly camping in Provincial parks and trips to the family cabins. There, we would venture all over the place, exploring, hiking, swimming in glacier fed lakes and wading in the streams. Catching butterflies, seeing signs of the animals that we shared the forests with, and take-your-breath-away views were our pass times, as well as plenty of books and games of cards when it rained.

I've tried to instill some of the same values in my own kids, but when we were living in a townhouse, it was difficult. The yard was small and surrounded by a beige wooden fence, the nearest park only had 2 trees in it, and most of the kids' play area outside was the paved parki…

What's new at Stellar Tarot?

For the most part, I try to keep the business-y stuff off my blog. I like to use this platform to talk more about my personal and magickal life, and more the "behind the scenes" stuff in my life. I figure if you want to buy a reading, you'll go to the shop, and buy a reading. Or you'll send me an email or message on Etsy and talk to me about what kinds of readings I offer, what's suited to your question, etc. I try not to be pushy when it comes to my business. I'm here if you need me, and I put myself out there a bit, but I'm not going to be blasting into your inbox or on your social media feed with adverts much at all. 
But then sometimes, you have a week where the creativity just busts you wide open, and you make a whole bunch of things, all at once, and you can't wait to share them with the world. That was me this week. On the day of the eclipse, it happened to be my friend's birthday, and after I did my live Facebook broadcast (you can watch t…

Getting Down and Dirty

Okay, so before your mind starts to go into the gutter, I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about getting down on your hands and knees, stripping off your shoes, and actually getting in touch with Mother Earth. When is the last time you dug your hands into the soil? Sunk your toes into the sand? Walked in a creek? Played with mud? Planted something? If your answer to this goes something like this... "umm... I can't remember." "Haven't got the faintest clue." "Maybe a couple months ago?" then I think that like me, it's time you changed this!

Last night I went out with my sister-in-law, who happens to be a photographer. I wanted some more professional looking photos for my business, but we also wanted to have some witchy-themed photographic fun. What started off as a beautiful set in the woods migrated to me stretched out in the wet sand on the side of a river, and then we drove to another location where we both ended up knee-deep in …

Fuck the Altar

I think I'm like a lot of witches out there, that when I say I like to collect items for my altar, I mean it. I have baskets and baskets of stuff that I change out with other items as the seasons change and progress, some items are specifically for certain sabbats, or for certain seasons, while others may grace the altar practically all year round. I'm a magpie for cauldrons, crystals, candles, and more. My altars are never stripped down, simple, or bare. There is always a need while I'm setting a new one up to consciously pull a few items off and make sure that there is actually room to work at it. I'm pretty sure that as you're reading this, you're glancing over, or mentally sizing up your own altar, perhaps a slight guilty look on your face, and do I detect that your face has gone a few shades pinker?

And then again, you might not be like that at all. You may be stripped down, simple, and uncluttered, your altar neat as a pin, and a reflection of how you lik…

How Tarot is Helping Me Grieve

Recently, I made a blog post that talked a bit about losing my mother-in-law, who passed away on July 7th of this year. It's been almost three weeks now, and while the tears have pretty well stopped, the sadness at losing such a strong and loving woman in my life hasn't. There are things that happen every week with the kids, and I want to call her and tell her about them. Like how my youngest girl is starting to ride her strider bike, or to show off my oldest daughter's new haircut, or tell her how my son is reading so confidently now! And then I'll remember I can't call her, she isn't there to pick up the phone. At least, not literally.

So, I have taken to talking to her in moments when I have a little bit of alone time. This sometimes happens when I'm out in the backyard weeding the garden, or when I'm driving home from work by myself. I think about her a lot and talk to her in my head when I'm walking our dog, and I say a little prayer to my matr…

Advice for Baby Witches

When I first started out as a wee little baby witch, twenty years ago exactly, Wicca, not personalized witchcraft or paganistic practice, was the "thing." Internet was in it's dial-up days still, and personalized, low-graphics, self-built websites were the norm for witches to come across when researching on the web. Blogs weren't invented yet, at least not that I was aware of, and the main things that were stressed was that you had to work with both the god and the goddess, and your altar was supposed to be set up "just so."

I've noticed that the trend these days, with the Instagram-altars being so prevalent, is to get away from a specifically constructed altar that follows strict item and tool placement, and is more about creating something that looks magickal, beautiful, highly personalized, and relevant to what the witch is going through at that time, and I couldn't be more happy about that. Some altars are strewn with natural bits and bobs, coll…

Babies, a Wedding, and a Funeral

Life, to say the least, has been a bit crazy and emotional as of late. You may have noticed my shop is currently on holiday mode, or noticed that I haven't been as active on my Facebook or Instagram pages.  And there is a reason for that.

Last week, my husband lost his mother, and I, my second mother. She was an amazing mother-in-law to me, and keeping vigal at her bedside as she slowly passed away was both one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but it was also an honour, to stay with someone I loved so much like that, to keep her from being alone in her last moments. The void that her passing has left is huge, however, and it will definitely take me some time to grieve. In many ways she wasn't just my mother-in-law, she was mom, and the world lost a strong, loving, kind, but spunky woman who had so much love left to give.

But with death, also comes life. Very recently my sister-in-law, cousin, and friend all had babies. My niece and second cousin I have met and he…