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A Tarot Reader's Daily Draw

I don't think I'm alone as a professional tarot reader, when I say that I don't like to post my own personal daily draws or tarot spreads on social media, or, if I do share images of them, I post them only for visual content, and do not discuss what the reading was about, or even that it was for myself. I'm a little cagey when it comes to discussing my emotions and mental state, or personal life, with other people I know, let alone online, where millions of strangers could read about my deepest thoughts and feelings. 
I have spoken on my channel, and this blog, and even on my social media in the past about my life-long struggle with depression and anxiety. I've been diagnosed with moderate depression, and a mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder, and I do my best to manage my mental illnesses without the use of mood-altering medications. However, even the best of us have times where we struggle to manage our lives effectively, and last year in the summer I …

Try Something New

For all that I love to write, lately, when it has come to putting fingers to keys to write a post for this blog, I just haven't been able to make myself do it with any real vigor or regularity. I've told myself in the past that it was because I was busy - I'm a mom of three after all, and my youngest is a potty training toddler (more on that in a minute), and I also hold down a part time job, and both my older kids do a sport or activity or two, and I volunteer with one of those activities. But if I am being really honest with myself, this is purely an excuse; I'm home with little Emelie all day most days, and I am definitely able to accommodate time for writing a blog post once a week, no matter how busy my family's schedule is. No, the truth, if I really dig down deep for it, is I'm suffering from a major bout of "impostor syndrome," and writing tends to bring out the truth in me, something that I have been avoiding if I don't want to be "f…