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How do you Tarot Study?

For a long time, my version of "tarot study" was to cleanse the deck if I felt it needed it (for those of you who are wondering real quick how/when I cleanse decks, it's when I intuitively feel like they need it, and usually with incense or sage smoke), then start shuffling, and do some readings. I would flip through my decks, maybe read a passage or two in the book to get a sense for why an image was chosen, or to make sense of what was being depicted, and just keep rolling like that until I felt like I knew the deck well enough to read for others with it, or until I knew I was never going to connect with it, and so put it aside to be used in trades.

But this was also when I had one less child, and didn't need to supervise my kids quite as closely. They could play in the backyard, or watch a movie, and I could be a room away, working away with my deck of the moment and be able to tune into it with few distractions. But now, I have three kids, not two, and my younges…

Working with a Dark Goddess in the Light Half of the Year

Every book on Wicca or Witchcraft worth it's weight in salt, will always mention, if not list, a variety of deities to work with during certain sabbats, or times of the year. How many of us have celebrated Ostara by dedicating our ritual to Eostre? Or Lughnasadh to Lugh. Or Imbolc to Brighit. There's the Holly King and Oak King for the Summer and Winter Solstices, and Samhain has such a variety of goddesses to choose from that it's staggering. But for those of us who work with a dedicated deity(ies), it can be difficult to structure a ritual that celebrates the return of the light, or the zenith of the sun's strength with a god or goddess that primarily is associated with the darker half of the year.

I think we all know, deep down, that you can find darkness in light, and light in darkness. Certainly, those of us who work with tarot are familiar with the concepts of "upright" and "reversed" cards, the direction the card is indicates whether it's…

Tarot Porn

I thought I might include a few pictures I've taken lately of my cards, or life in general where tarot is involved. Enjoy. 

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5 Ways to Use Your Tarot Cards (that doesn't include a daily draw)

I recently was perusing the interwebs for some inspiring ideas of ways you could read or use your tarot cards on a regular basis that didn't include doing a daily draw, because seriously, that shit has been done to death on the suggestions for new readers list. I was finding a lack of inspiration, and so I decided to do what every good creative person does when what they want doesn't appear to exist already: I got to work on my own version of it.

While I will be the first person to admit that doing daily draws is a great way to get to know the tarot system in general, or just your newest deck, I know that we can sometimes ache for new, inventive ways of working with our decks, something that feels fresh, and exciting, kind of like how a new relationship feels, when all you want to do is see your new partner, and you two can't keep your hands off each other. I often feel that way about my new decks, but sometimes one or two cards drawn every day just feels... so... uninspir…