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Holiday Traditions

If you have been haunting the pagan community for more than 5 minutes, you'll be aware that a lot of us come from conservative, often Christian upbringings, and come to paganism and witchcraft with a zest and zeal for freedom to celebrate the holidays the way we want, not the way tradition and society dictates. Yule is often considered synonymous with Christmas in society, and most people outside of the pagan and witch community don't even know that they are in fact, two separate holidays, that happen to have been smacked together when the Romans conquered the Gauls and Celts. If you have been making the transition towards a more Yule-focused celebration than Christmas, then you may find this post helpful.

The emphasis for Christians or people who are Christmas-centric rather than Yule is often on decorations like a tree, and the gift-giving side of things. But if you're trying to celebrate a more pagan Yule tradition, you can try decorating your tree with nature or witchy…

Witchcrafting Wednesday | Samhain Baking!

For this week's Witchcrafting Wednesday I decided to do something I don't do very often... bake! My husband is the baker in the family, he loves to get out the measuring cups, level things off, and bake things for precise periods of time at precise temperatures and conditions. I'm typically more the slap-dash type of cook myself, preferring to work from a recipe "theory" and go from there. But once in awhile I do get the urge to bake things, especially around this time of year when some of my favorite flavors are popular. Cranberries and oranges are my favorite fall flavors, along with apples and warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. I selected 3 recipes that are fall or Samhain specific, and decided to give them a shot!

If you'd like to see the video, then please go here. Otherwise, the rest of this post is simply a link to the recipes I used, and any notes I have about making them.

Cranberry Orange Muffins:
I got the recipe from here: ht…

Stellar Tarot now has a newsletter!

Yes, it's true, I've finally got in bed with the big girls and created a newsletter! You can sign up from my website here, by filling out the form on the sidebar, and clicking Subscribe! I won't be inundating your email inbox with tons of unnecessary promotional material though, you won't even be hearing from me every month! Instead, you'll get an email just before each of the sabbats, and the content will change for every email. Sometimes there will be videos where I sit down and sip tea with you, chatting about life. Sometimes, I'll do a reading for you guys! And sometimes, you might even get super-special coupon codes towards readings and products in my shops... wink wink nudge nudge!

There will always be sneak peaks at what's coming up in my shop, and there may be some links to some videos that you may not have seen yet. I'll share some things going on in my life you may not see on Instagram or Facebook, so subscribe today to get in on the secret!


Self-Love September at Stellar Tarot

Hello my lovelies! I hope that all of you are enjoying September so far! I know for me, September is a magickal month. My kids go back to school, routine starts to set in again, and of course, it's Self-Love September time over on Kelly-Ann Maddox's YouTube channel! This is the 5th year in a row that Kelly-Ann has dedicated all the content on her channel to self-love in a variety of ways and topics. She also, because the videos aren't enough clearly, uploads audio files to Soundcloud, and in the past has blogged her way through it too. I contributed one video to Self-Love September a couple of years ago, in the form of my Self-Love Stories video, but other than that, I've hung back, preferring to let her be the driving force behind it.

However, Kelly-Ann made it clear that she wanted other people to contribute their voices to the party as well, and I decided to chime in with my own this year. So I've made 3 videos for Self-Love September, focused around self-love f…

Stellar Tarot is going on holiday!

Hello, my lovelies! I hope all of you have been enjoying your summer, I know I have! It's been crazy busy here at the Stellar Tarot household, with my three kids home from school, but also with extra kids every week! I've been doing daycare for some family members and a friend's 2 little girls (not usually all on the same day thank goodness!) so 4/7 days of the week there have been lots of rug rats running around. It's made for loud, busy daytimes, and then errands getting pushed to the evenings. There hasn't been a whole lot of downtime! On top of that, my husband has been building the kids a playhouse and sandbox structure in the backyard and I've been busy making Tarot-themed incense blends for the shop! 
I'm finally starting to feel my energy return after receiving some iron injections for a newly-diagnosed anemia, so I'm hoping to be able to get outside more now that I feel like I can through a day without needing a nap. It's returned just in t…

Interview with Kelly-Ann Maddox!

Hello my lovelies! I had the honor and privilege to be able to able to interview the amazing Kelly-Ann Maddox this week about tarot for emotional healing. If you haven't heard of her yet, she's been a cornerstone in the online tarot community for several years now, giving us amazing resources like Tea and Tarot, Self-Love September, and my personal favorite, Witchy Ramblings.

Recently I've been feeling like I'm bursting at the seams, something inside of me wanting desperately to get out, and I didn't know exactly what it was. It wasn't until I started scrolling through my Etsy shop stats and listings, wondering why I was even there that it hit me.

I'd gone stale.

I looked at the old photos of readings, some with decks that I didn't own any longer, some were readings I had literally never done a sale on, and I was wondering why I was going stale? I had added to my shop, yes, but I hadn't taken anything away, and this was this feeling of overwhelm that was directing me back to my shop, over and over.

So if you are a regular client or a subscriber of mine, then you may have noticed that some reading options have disappeared, and new ones have popped up. It feels so refreshing to look at my shop listings now and see only readings that truly thrill me are there, and ones that you guys, my clients, keep coming back for. Because at the…

Silence is Golden

So if you hadn't read any of my blog posts in the last few months, then you might not be aware that I've been pulling back away from the blogging world a little bit. I found that trying to push myself to get a blog post up on a regular basis was getting more traffic driven to my blog and channel, yes, but it was also sucking the creative juices from me like no one's business. You see, I was working on writing some pieces for the follow-up anthology to my children's book, My Name is The Morrigan (which you can get on Amazon), and I needed to drive my creative juices to those pieces first and foremost. And if I'm being absolutely honest, I'm not a very big blog reader these days anyway, and so putting my energy into writing pieces for one just hasn't been my top priority. So, hence the "silence is golden" title for the blog. Silence for me in the blogging world has meant gold has been coming out of my fingertips into Word documents.

But I've bee…

140. Vlog Scrapbook | Life at Home | Mother Nature

If you've ever wondered what life at home looks like for me, this will give you a little glimpse. Minus, of course, the tantrums, screams, bursts of emotion from the children, fervent house cleaning, errand-running, and arguing with my kids about why they can't destroy this various piece of the house.

So, basically, it's life at home only when it's going smoothly. You're welcome!

You Are What You Say You Are

As I sit here writing this, it is only 10 days away from when my first book, My Name is The Morriganwill be released both in print, as well as in Kindle version. The story of how this came to be is still, to me, quite the dizzying, unbelievable tale. It was an early spring morning and I was sitting in my office at my old place, staring out the window, seated in front of my computer. I felt compelled to write something, but, what? I didn't feel the need to journal or blog, and I wasn't  in the poetry mood. But boy, did I ever have this itch to write. So, I opened up a blank word file, and taking a sip of tea (my constant companion if you haven't figured this out by now) I just started to let my fingers do the talking.

And minutes later, I had the early draft of My Name is The Morrigan, but titleless as of yet, in front of me. I saved the document and immediately got in touch with my dear friend, Tamara Albanna, and sent her the draft. I asked her what she thought, and what …

A lesson in focus.

Yesterday was quite an adventurous day for me, as I was going to go with my best friend to visit her grandmother, who has a bad case of dementia and requires round the clock care. She lives in a Province-run senior's care facility, which is big, beautiful, and has lots of amenities and entertainment for it's occupants. I took my youngest daughter Emelie along, and we hit the road. We were driving along the highway, all of us girls, and Bree and I were talking about bald eagles. They are easy to spot this time of year as the trees are bare, and just then one swooped down in front of our car, it's wings spread out fully. It was stunning.

Until a second later it lost control and literally smacked off the top of my windshield and the roof of my car.

I'll let that sink in for a moment. I hit a bald eagle in flight with my car.

I screamed, no joke, and Bree thankfully turned around and let me know that she could see the eagle on the grass beside the highway, wings outspread …

135. GIVEAWAY!!! Thank you guys for all the love and support!