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A lesson in focus.

Yesterday was quite an adventurous day for me, as I was going to go with my best friend to visit her grandmother, who has a bad case of dementia and requires round the clock care. She lives in a Province-run senior's care facility, which is big, beautiful, and has lots of amenities and entertainment for it's occupants. I took my youngest daughter Emelie along, and we hit the road. We were driving along the highway, all of us girls, and Bree and I were talking about bald eagles. They are easy to spot this time of year as the trees are bare, and just then one swooped down in front of our car, it's wings spread out fully. It was stunning.

Until a second later it lost control and literally smacked off the top of my windshield and the roof of my car.

I'll let that sink in for a moment. I hit a bald eagle in flight with my car.

I screamed, no joke, and Bree thankfully turned around and let me know that she could see the eagle on the grass beside the highway, wings outspread …

135. GIVEAWAY!!! Thank you guys for all the love and support!