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140. Vlog Scrapbook | Life at Home | Mother Nature

If you've ever wondered what life at home looks like for me, this will give you a little glimpse. Minus, of course, the tantrums, screams, bursts of emotion from the children, fervent house cleaning, errand-running, and arguing with my kids about why they can't destroy this various piece of the house.

So, basically, it's life at home only when it's going smoothly. You're welcome!

You Are What You Say You Are

As I sit here writing this, it is only 10 days away from when my first book, My Name is The Morriganwill be released both in print, as well as in Kindle version. The story of how this came to be is still, to me, quite the dizzying, unbelievable tale. It was an early spring morning and I was sitting in my office at my old place, staring out the window, seated in front of my computer. I felt compelled to write something, but, what? I didn't feel the need to journal or blog, and I wasn't  in the poetry mood. But boy, did I ever have this itch to write. So, I opened up a blank word file, and taking a sip of tea (my constant companion if you haven't figured this out by now) I just started to let my fingers do the talking.

And minutes later, I had the early draft of My Name is The Morrigan, but titleless as of yet, in front of me. I saved the document and immediately got in touch with my dear friend, Tamara Albanna, and sent her the draft. I asked her what she thought, and what …