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Silence is Golden

So if you hadn't read any of my blog posts in the last few months, then you might not be aware that I've been pulling back away from the blogging world a little bit. I found that trying to push myself to get a blog post up on a regular basis was getting more traffic driven to my blog and channel, yes, but it was also sucking the creative juices from me like no one's business. You see, I was working on writing some pieces for the follow-up anthology to my children's book, My Name is The Morrigan (which you can get on Amazon), and I needed to drive my creative juices to those pieces first and foremost. And if I'm being absolutely honest, I'm not a very big blog reader these days anyway, and so putting my energy into writing pieces for one just hasn't been my top priority. So, hence the "silence is golden" title for the blog. Silence for me in the blogging world has meant gold has been coming out of my fingertips into Word documents.

But I've bee…