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Holiday Traditions

If you have been haunting the pagan community for more than 5 minutes, you'll be aware that a lot of us come from conservative, often Christian upbringings, and come to paganism and witchcraft with a zest and zeal for freedom to celebrate the holidays the way we want, not the way tradition and society dictates. Yule is often considered synonymous with Christmas in society, and most people outside of the pagan and witch community don't even know that they are in fact, two separate holidays, that happen to have been smacked together when the Romans conquered the Gauls and Celts. If you have been making the transition towards a more Yule-focused celebration than Christmas, then you may find this post helpful.

The emphasis for Christians or people who are Christmas-centric rather than Yule is often on decorations like a tree, and the gift-giving side of things. But if you're trying to celebrate a more pagan Yule tradition, you can try decorating your tree with nature or witchy…