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My Ostara in Pictures

I was pretty worried the week before Ostara, as we experienced a late snowfall that stuck. I woke up 8 days before the sabbat to a blanket of snow that definitely dampened my spirits a fair amount. But thankfully, Jack Frost seemed to be only getting in his last hurrah before giving up and retiring for the time being.

Then, it was as if Mother Earth woke up suddenly from a nightmare about our world turning into Westeros with a decades-long winter and surged back into life. In a matter of 2 days all the snow in my neighborhood except for the really big piles was gone and melted. Crocuses that had been struggling to bloom for awhile burst into life, and miniature leaf buds appeared on the bare branches in my trees.

Temperatures this week have topped out at 23 degrees Celcius, the sky has been clear and blue, and the birds are so plentiful and spirited that it's like walking around in a Disney movie out there. I even managed to get a really mild sunburn, and had to put sunscreen on! …

Getting Back On Track; Using the Tarot For Motivation

This topic has been a long time coming for me, it's one of the key reasons why I use tarot, after all, to help myself on an emotional and spiritual level. Procrastination is an issue for me, just as I'm sure it is for all of you at some point too, and when you're circling around a goal you want to get done but can't seem to bring yourself to actually do it, tarot can be a great tool for finding that willpower deep down inside of you.

Usually when we're procrastinating or putting something off it's because there's an element of the task we don't enjoy or that we fear, and when we've fallen off track of going towards our goals it's so easy to tell ourselves that it's too late, we've screwed up and now we can't possibly achieve our goal because means starting over. But this all-or-nothing approach isn't helping us either! It's much easier to beat procrastination and failure when you view success in shades of gray, rather than bl…