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Our Weekend Getaway to the Cabins

I hope you enjoy this little video of my vacation and don't forget to subscribe to my secondary channel while you're there! I upload non-spiritual content like cooking and recipes, organization and cleaning videos, makeup videos, Project Pan, and more!

Stay-Cation Spiritual Retreat!

If you're anything like me, then you've looked longingly at all those amazing spiritual retreats that are offered at this time of the year, often for specific deities, studies, sabbats, or purposes, and felt a twinge of sadness or jealousy at not being able to attend (for myself it was the Morrigan's Call retreat offered by Stephanie Woodfield, and it's financially out of my league right now). It's not always possible to do everything we want to do spiritually, and sometimes the retreats we have our eyes on are too far away, too expensive, or don't match up with our vacation time. When a retreat from the world for spiritual purposes is what you're craving, but your time, area, or budget limitations say no, then it's time to get creative and come up with your own retreat, at home, or keeping it local!

Step 1: Choose your time and location: If you can't go far away to an especially lead retreat, then you need to choose a time and location that will wor…

June is Pride Month!

First off, if you've found me through #tarothon2019 welcome! I'm so thrilled by the wonderful feedback I've gotten from you guys since I did my live broadcast for Tarothon last week. I really enjoyed sharing a new spread that I designed specifically for the event with you, and I'm glad to hear it's helped many of you. But I want to take some time to talk about another subject that I'm very passionate about, and that's civil rights for the members of the LGBTQ community, of which I count amongst the members of. Every June I pause to remember how I came out to my mother, and how anti-climatic and disempowering that was, and how much things have changed for me, and between us, since then. I take time to appreciate how open I can be about my sexuality and not feel persecuted at every corner, and I also consider how far we still have to go as a community, and how I can best add my support to that progression.

I fully realized that I was bisexual when I was about…

#tarothon2019 Tarot For Self-Empowerment

Well hello everyone! Last night (June 2, 2019) I was honoured to be a part of Tarothon 2019, a full 24 hours of live streamed tarot talks by 23 different creators. Things didn't go exactly as planned with a set of YouTube server outages that interrupted our ability to livestream for a few hours. We moved things over to the Hermit's Cave Facebook Group for awhile, before bringing Tarothon back from the dead when YouTube came back online!

My own topic aired at 5am BST, or 9pm PST, and I covered the topic Tarot for Self-Empowerment, complete with a tarot spread of my own devising, and I wanted to share that spread with you in written form here today. So, to review, when you're doing a tarot spread for self-empowerment, its usually because you are feeling very dis-empowered to begin with, whether by grief, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, shame, or a variety of other emotions, and you're doing this spread to motivate and empower yourself to tackle the situation and s…