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322. Samhain Family Traditions Vlog ~ Cornmaze, Pumpkin Patch, and more!

Tired, but fulfilled.

This is me, after working my first shift in a pharmacy in a year and a half. I hadn't been actively seeking work as I was pretty sure no one would want to hire someone with such an erratic schedule, but the job of working between two pharmacies owned by a local couple literally fell into my lap two weeks ago, and I decided to accept. It was kind of crazy how it all worked out, but work out it has. I have the best bosses I could possibly ask for, who know my employment history and are happy to take me with my mish-mashed knowledge and experience. I know I bring a lot of good things to the table where I am, but I also know that due to how my previous employers worked things that I have weak areas too that I will be working to strengthen for a little while.

I'll be working very part-time, but I'm happy with that, because I can still run things at Stellar Tarot just fine. I love having this blog, the YouTube channel and doing readings for my clients and I don't want to st…

As The Earth Begins to Die

Stones crunch and roll beneath my boots
and the salmon who finished spawning
give up their bodies to the earth
laying like so many offerings on the shore.
The mist that settles in at my collar
collects and makes a sacred trail
down towards my spine.

How can trees that are so wet
look so engulfed in fire
with their leaves change from
alive, to breathtaking, to... dead.

I see the shifty scavenger at my peripherals,
and sense the quiet about the descent
as the earth prepares for sleeping
I prepare for my own descent, of sorts.

Touching the frigid water to my forehead,
I saw a silent prayer of thank you
I fiddle with a stone in my pocket
and remember the richness of colour
in this moment, as the earth begins to die.

© Jess Johnson, 2019, All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce or publish any part of this poem without the author's permission and full credit and link back to this post and website.