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Stellar Tarot is going out of business...

 Now, before you freak out and worry that I'm disappearing from the internet completely, relax, because that's not happening. What IS happening however, is the closing of Stellar Tarot at the end of September this year, when my subscription service to my shopfront ends. I have reduced the readings I do down to just two, inexpensive customizable ones, and I've put all my prayer beads on sale.  Things have gotten busier at work, and my duties are slowly increasing there. I'm working full time hours, and my two younger kids are getting to ages where they need more guidance from us as parents in terms of getting homework done, learning how to study, practice reading, and other important skills, and in about a year and a quarter, our oldest will be graduating from high school and start deciding how to proceed from there. We are in transitional years for sure, and I want to be able to be present with my kids as much as possible.  I also realize that I am changing as an indivi

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