Emphasis on the “Gentle.”

It seems as much as technology has helped us lately, it has also served to create problems for us; we are constantly checking email and smartphones for communications that are occurring on a minute-to-minute basis, we plug into televisions and computers for entertainment, and we talk incessantly on our phones instead of meeting with our loved ones or business clients face to face. And yes, this technology helps us to conduct business or organize babysitting or appointments very quickly, and it is helpful. But, how many of us are stressed because of this?

The statistics tell us a story: in Canada, the use of antidepressants increased from 3.2 million a year to 14.5 million between the years of 1981 and 2000. (source: http://www.theannals.com/content/36/9/1375.short) And that data is 13 years old! Further research show us that that number has increased further still. Notice a correlation of the years, by the way? The 1980’s is when technology began to be used widely by the average person: television shows, cell phones, even personal computers, were all being introduced into the market at an accelerated rate. Has being able to be in touch with your friends 24/7 made you happier? Has watching people bounce off gigantic obstacle courses into murky water made you happier? Or has it perhaps stressed you out because you are connected 24/7, and distracted you from what you are really feeling, but not actually done anything about those feelings?

My bet is on the latter of the two.

My name is Jessica, otherwise known here as the Gentle Psychic. I use oracle and tarot cards and sometimes other methods or mediums to help answer your questions, and tap into your own inner wisdom. I speak mostly to women in my posts… probably because, well, I am a woman, but also because I feel that our society still has a long way to go before women will fully be appreciated and respected with our differences from men. We are not always taken seriously, because we feel more, we express more, and, while we’re being honest, because every month we have this cycle that perpetuates in bleeding for a few days, and ultimately cutting our male counterparts off from sex for a few days. Our differences have made us “inconvenient” to men, we shine a light on things they don’t want to face, or don’t find easy to face, and we interrupt the fulfillment of their “needs.”

As I continue to grow and learn about tapping into my own inner wisdom, I will blog about it, express my feelings about it, and maybe even get a little too personal sometimes. But I do it so that we may all learn and grow from it, and maybe even become a little closer in the process, forming a sisterhood of sorts, sharing our wisdom, and pooling our strengths and knowledge and wisdom into the collective pool of consciousness. Welcome to Gentle Psychic Wisdom, I hope you enjoy the time you spend here with me.


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