The Power of Color.

I want to start off this post by apologizing. Apologizing for not posting much at all these days here on the blog. If you watch my YouTube Channel you will have heard me talking about the various things that keep me busy, and in particular lately, my father in law’s fight with terminal cancer. Even when I’m not actively at work or helping my in-laws out, I am devoting a lot of mental energy to them. There are times I just sit on the couch and while my children play, I close my eyes and send healing and loving energy to them, hoping to either relieve some pain, provide some comfort, ease him into sleep, or provide a bit of emotional strength to my mother in law while she deals with all of this, and in her home no less. The amount of strength and bravery and love she is showing to him and to all of us is inspiring, to say the least. So, the only thing that has been getting my attention is the YouTube channel, simply because it’s easy to whip out a video really quickly before work, or while my son is watching tv in the morning, right after my daughter has left for school. 

Writing is one of my first loves, however, so I am trying to be better about writing in my blog, by making time for it, and making it a priority. Even if its just one a week, at least I am still putting something out there for you guys to read, and to inspire you. And today, my post is about the power of color! One of my new favorite topics and forms of healing!

There are many books on Color Therapy, but I have yet to crack one open – mainly because I have so many to read first! However, I have experienced color therapy first hand, and I can tell you how powerful and delightful it is! Color therapy, in a nutshell, is when you surround yourself with a certain color in order to take on the properties of that color, and the healing effects that is has. Orange can be uplifting and energizing for example, whereas baby pink may inspire love and harmony. My personal favorite the last month or so has been purple – particularly deeper “plum” purples and lighter “lavender” purples, and to go along with it, I’ve been even more in love with lavender scents than before, which is saying something, because it’s been my favorite scent for over a decade.

Color therapy for some, is something that they seek out and attempt to use, but for myself, I find that it has been most powerful when it has been organic, and allowed to come into my life naturally. For instance, my recent love affair with purple did not happen because I decided to like purple and take on it’s properties into my life – it’s because after my third session with my current therapist I suddenly went to a store and bought 3 purple clothing items like THAT, while owning pretty much nothing else purple in my wardrobe at all. Then, I started seeking out my amethyst crystals, and surrounding myself with them . Then came my purple bed linens that we bought when we got our new bed. And the purple eyeshadow pack I bought. And the purple pen I use daily now. And, and, and. It was all very spontaneous, but for me, it felt perfectly natural, I was just simply suddenly drawn towards purple.

Purple, for me, has traditionally been a very healing color. I sat down and journal and found that I have always been attracted to purple when I am undergoing a lot of positive changes emotionally in my life, which I certainly have been lately. It also represents for me the crown chakra, and psychic abilities, which I have been learning how to open up to, and develop. Every night I crawl into my purple bed, and feel wrapped up in a healing cocoon, with amethyst and labradorite crystals under my pillow, and a fresh layer of lavender hand lotion on my hands. and the scent of a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow. Purple for me, means healing, it means calming my mind, opening to my intuition, and going to a place of peace, safety, and healing. When I wear a purple hoody, or purple socks, I am not just making a fashion statement, I am bringing that healing energy with me.

Color therapy is something that I think, works best when you notice that you suddenly need.want to be surrounded by a particular color colors, and you don’t really have an explanation why. Those are the times to really engage with the color, wrap yourself in it, take it with you however you can and want, and delve into the meaning of the color, contemplate it, see how it makes you feel, what possibilities does it make you feel you have? Spend some time in meditation and surround yourself with that color, and if it corresponds with a chakra, make sure you do some chakra clearing and healing meditations, to ensure that that color is able to align with your body and energy body properly.

The power of color is something that highly encourage you to play with, explore, and delve into, and please, feel free to comment, post links to relevant videos or articles, or share your own experience with color therapy! I love to hear about it, learn more about it, and if you happen to know a lot about it yourself, I’m always game for a good book recommendation!

Namaste everyone, hopefully my next blog post won’t be so long off!


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