The power of your totem animal be with you!

Today I had a great life coaching session with Ms. Fox again! ( If you haven't checked out her website already, you are missing out big time. The wisdom that woman has inside her is incredible, and after every communication with her, whether it be through email, or on Skype, has been positive, uplifting, and wonderful. After she intuitively discovered that my main totem animal is a Flicker, things really started to click into place, and after my Skype session with her today, things clicked even further.

Tod ay we talked a lot about chakras, and as many of you know from my YouTube Channel, I have a little bit of an obsession with the chakra systems, and I encourage regular cleansing of them. But one thing I'm not good at? Knowing which ones to strengthen and clear when I'm in the moment. That's where wonderful ladies like Emelie come into the picture: she is great at looking at you from an outside perspective and seeing what maybe, you can't see. And for me, with my self-confidence issues, it's clear, I am not comfortable in my own body... so I need to start lower down.. the first three chakras to be exact! If you look at the picture of the northern flicker, they are brown and black, but they also have flashes of yellow and red too. And since you can't go straight from the base chakra to the solar plexus chakra, then that means you need to spend a bit of time at the sacral chakra too.

So many things are clicking for me, now that I know the flicker is my totem animal, so much of it's medicine is starting to come into my life and help me out. If you already know what your totem animal is, but aren't sure how to incorporate it into your life, there are tons of resources available, including Emelie's services., but there are also great books available, including just about anything by Ted Andrews (and I'm not just partial to him because his last name is my son's first name!). 

So what menagerie of animals am I surrounded by? I love connecting with my readers, so please, feel free to share your own animal, or even your own resources below, and let's talk about power animals! Namaste everyone!


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