Focus on the Cards: How long to?

I’ve been reading and watching a lot of material about Tarot lately, and there seems to be an idea floating around out there about working with and bonding with your deck, card by card, to deepen your understanding and connection with it. This idea has been to either work through the deck in order, or to randomly pick a card every *insert time frame here* and journal and focus on it, and see what it means for you, until you’ve worked through the whole deck. A lot of people recommend spending a week with each card, but I’ll be honest, that is just too damn long for me, lol! It would take you a year and a half to get through the whole deck, and that’s only on an individual basis, that would not even begin to cover how cards relate to each other, or other things like archetypes, etc.


I’ve decided upon a card about every 1-2 days, depending on whether or not I work or have a lot of obligations that day. Each day or so I will draw a card, and focus on it. I will research the meanings in my books, online, meditate with it and see what it has to tell me, and how I relate (or not) to it, etc. I plan on randomly choosing the card, but obviously if I choose a card I’ve already worked on, I will keep drawing until I select a new one.

Today’s card is The Star, and it just happens to be one of my favorite cards in Tarot, so I can’t wait to get started. Does the Star card have any special meanings for you? Do you relate to it? Do you like it? Or does it put you off entirely?

Namaste, Jessica


  1. I thought of going through the Tarot card by card, too; choosing one card every week because I fear that I couldn't keep up the pace if I would draw one card each day. This way it takes quite a while, though. How far have you progressed? Do you need a lot of discipline or does it go very easy?

  2. Of course, within 24 hours of writing this blog post, something major had to happen in my life, and interrupt my flow, lol. My car broke down, and we had to take a weekend to shop for a new one, because we've been so sick and tired of fixing the stupid thing over and over. SO, now that that silliness is over, I can get back to studying tarot like a good girl! I start tomorrow, simply because I'm too tired tonight. :)


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