Journey Through the Chakras - Sacral Chakra

I believe this is the first time I'm talking about this subject here on the blog, but followers of my YouTube Channel and Facebook page already know that I've decided to journey through each of the chakras, month by month, focusing on the energies of one chakra at a time. January kicked off the journey with the Root Chakra, and the theme of course was grounding, and centering into my body, my life, and focusing on waking up my healthy, vibrant me. It involved me eating a lot of red foods, eating better in general, beginning an exercise program, and spending a lot of time in meditation, both balancing my chakras, and learning to just BE, to just sit, and feel, and not try to change anything, judge my feelings, or even watch my breath. I committed myself to daily smoothies, and I kept up with that practice for the most part. The other thing I'm proud of? I haven't once talked smack to myself for falling off the bandwagon, or missing a day, or anything like that. Being gentle with myself was another practice I wanted to commit to, and that one, I have stuck with entirely. Every month I also set up an altar dedicated to the chakra. It gives me a place to focus, redirect my energy back to what I want to balance and manifest, and its also a lot of fun pulling together the various items I want for making an appealing set up. January's altar looked like this:

As I said, grounding and centering was my main focus, so I did my best to get outside a lot more, and began walking my daughter to school each morning. The combination of the fresh air, the quality time with my children, and the time spent observing the wildlife and nature that is so close to me shifted my perspective inward, and towards my family very effectively. I also did a lot of standing yoga, and asana that required my legs to stretch, or for me to balance. I didn't once do a long, drawn out yoga routine, I never felt compelled to, but I did do about 20-30 minutes of yoga a day, when I added up all the time I spent doing random asana periods throughout the day. My son Andrew benefited from my getting outdoors practice too, because he came with me to the river a lot on my excursions to get outside.

The getting outdoors a lot isn't something I plan to stop or slow down on if I can help it, but I know I'll be indoors a lot more than I will want to be for a few days, as we have been hit by a cold snap, and Andrew is like me, and doesn't stay warm easily. I have to make sure that when its cold like this that we bundle up well and get back indoors after only a little while. His sister Morgan takes after her father, and would go outside with a jacket and nothing else if it were up to her! 

February is sacral chakra month, however, so that means shifting my awareness up a few inches, and onto some completely different areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This article by MindBodyGreen helped give me a place to start, and I found it very helpful. The only thing I didn't like about that article was that it didn't mention one of the sacral chakra's biggest areas of focus: sexual health/well-being and creativity. The sacral chakra rules over our wombs, ladies, so that means the center of our reproductive system, the place we carry and nurture a child until it's ready to be born. This is also the center of our creative abilities and capacity, and neglecting our creative urges is one of the fastest ways to throw this chakra off balance. I don't care whether you are a man or a woman; stifling your creative urges and abilities will result in this chakra shutting down, and that is so not good!

The sacral chakra is the center of your compassion, openness, friendliness, intuition (remember that term "gut feeling?"), and emotional stability. Someone whose sacral chakra is out of balance is cold and cut off from other people, antisocial, apathetic towards sex and relationships, and is often very out of touch with the feelings and signs of the people and situations around them. A lack of creativity, sex, and movement in your life are often the first signs that things could be off in this chakra. 

To balance the sacral chakra, there are a few things you can do. First and foremost, I'm going to say it: have sex!!! If you are in a relationship, then try new things in the bedroom, try having sex more often, or if it's usually over with quickly then urge your partner to slow down a bit, and try taking your time and really exploring each other's bodies again. And of course, orgasm, orgasm, orgasm! Reach your big-O often - it will both physically and metaphorically clear things out a bit, and open you back up to the world around you. If you are single, this doesn't mean go out and have sex with random strangers, but instead take time to enjoy yourself sexually on your own, or with someone who is safe to practice bedroom antics with. Use your common sense here, and consider what's right for yourself, but definitely don't neglect yourself in this department, just because you happen to be single! Hip opening yoga poses are also a great idea. One-legged King Pigeon pose is probably my favorite, but this link to YogaJournal gives you plenty of ideas. I notice that there are a lot of poses good for balancing the root chakra as well, and that is even better for me, as it means I can continue to include poses to balance the chakra I've come from in with the one I'm working on - it feels all-encompassing for me. 

I've crafted my new altar as well, and just like last month, there is a nice crystal grid going as well. This month's crystal grid's purpose is to balance the sacral chakra and to help me establish a healthy attitude towards sex. Without going into too much detail, I was raised Catholic, and I still harbour a lot of guilt towards myself about whether or not enjoying sex is something that I should be proud of and embrace, or be extremely guilty and secretive about. Of course, I side logically with the embracing my Divine Feminine and enjoying the earth-mother side of me that wants to surface during sex, but it doesn't always happen that way. This month is the month that I really work on trying to open up to my sacred feminine and let her out, and not feel bad about it, or for enjoying it either. 

The last thing I want to mention about balancing the sacral chakra is movement - particularly dance, and hip-centered dance at that. Moving our hips, and letting our dance naturally start in the place where we start creating something helps to dislodge blockages, open up our hips and the muscles around them, and just plain feels good! Belly dance is a perfect example of this, and if you have never tried it before, there are a lot of great videos and classes out there, many of them free (like learn belly dance from home with a dvd rented from the library) to short YouTube videos with instructions, and even belly dance music available for free on YouTube or at low cost on iTunes and other online resources. Belly dance is an old passion of mine, and while I don't perform or go to class or anything, I do put on some music from time to time, a sexy pair of yoga pants, a pretty bra, and even a couple bangles and big earrings, and let myself go crazy and shake it behind a closed bedroom door. It's a fun way to let loose and get back in my body. Zumba classes can help you to achieve a similar feeling, and because of it's popularity, you can now take classes for it at your local gyms, buy Zumba workout dvds, or even follow along with routines on your Xbox or Wii (like I do!). It's a great workout, gets your heart pumping, and makes you feel sexy... as long as the curtains are drawn, that is!

I'll update you with my progress, and hopefully some pictures or videos as well! Namaste everyone!


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