Nature, and getting better.

If you follow me on YouTube, or are personally involved in my life, then you will know by now that I have been sick a lot in 2013. In fact, at the doctor's last week, I pulled up a list of my medications from 2013, and I was on antibiotics a total of 8 times, and also had I believe, another 3-4 viral infections mixed in there as well. That means on average, I was sick about once a month, but actually, I managed in March to cram 3 illnesses in there, including tonsilitis and 2 colds, and in December I managed to get a cold, and then viral gastro enteritis at the same time, and it landed me in hospital for 8 hours. I think there's a saying that if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, but when it comes to this type of thing, I think not.

So, at the beginning of the year, I decided not to make a resolution, like everyone else, and then blow it, but to simply try everyday, to do something that would help me to better take care of myself, so I wouldn't get so sick all the time. And then that evening felt the first tickles in my throat, signalling a cold. As it stands today, it's the 18th, and yes, I am still ridding my body of the plague of mucus that has attacked it, although I am almost through with it. Yeah, I know, not the best start to my year. Or was it?

Getting sick AGAIN and having a doctor attempt to push more antibiotics down my throat gave me a real reason to pause. What exactly, was my body trying to tell me? Because believe me, I know by this point that its trying desperately to tell me something. What was I glossing over, time and time again? Its not like I haven't made changes, because honestly, if you are sitting here reading this and thinking that I've just been eating like crap, sleeping poorly and shoving my face full of diet sodas and the like, then think again. I have cut out red meat from my diet (except for the rare occassion someone invites us over for dinner, and they've made roast or something), I'm taking my lactose intolerance seriously and cut 98% of all dairy from my diet, and done my best to substitute dairy-free versions of what I've kept, I sleep 8-9 hours every night, I eat pretty damn well, and allow myself to have treats from time to time, and I take vitamins and supplements on a pretty regular basis, to make sure I'm getting those little things that I might not get from my food. Except to go fully raw-food, or full on vegan, there aren't many changes left that I could make to my diet, and honestly, I have no desire to pursue either one.

As I opened up the front door to go to the work the day after my appointment, the answer finally hit me. This is the most I get outside now, the most fresh air I've gotten since 5 months before my wedding in March of 2013, going from the house to my car, then my car to work, and then reverse, and rinse and repeat daily. I had allowed my short-term of staying indoors to make and plan wedding stuff completely change my lifestyle from that of one of activity, going outdoors, and connecting with nature, to one of laziness, lounging about inside, and dreading getting off my beloved couch to take my kids across the street to the park, where I promptly sat my but down on the bench to read. Embarrassing to admit, but repeat the same behavior long enough, and it becomes habit. I was forced to stay indoors to do all those wedding things, that by the time the wedding was over, it was habitual, and I didn't even realize it. What was missing from my life that had been there before? Fresh air. Activity. Connecting with nature. Grounding, Listening to nothing but Mother Nature's symphony of sounds.

So this week, after the worst of the hacking cough and constant faucet-nose syndrome was over, I decided to correct that. Every morning I have walked my daughter to school with my son, which not only has given me fresh air, but a chance to connect with my children more. And yesterday I went for a walk along the river with my friend and his daughter, who is only a year older than my son - who had a blast on his walk, by the way:

It had been so long since I had seen this trail, and experienced real, honest to goodness wind in my hair, that I almost felt stressed out at first. And then, I saw my first great blue heron standing on a rock by the river's edge, and I suddenly felt this release in my body, in my stress, and I knew I had found the answer. I had needed to come home

Flicker is my totem animal, and flicker's medicine is partly involved in making your home a comfortable and welcoming place, a warm environment, and one you feel proud and happy coming home to, day after day. But when you come home to the same thing day after day, the destinations never changing, the air never renewing and refreshing itself, the problems always staying the same, only the day, well, "home" stops feeling like home, because you have nothing new coming in to it. Now, with my walks and constant comings and goings into nature, the air inside is changing, the collection of feathers, rocks, and pine cones grows ever bigger, and the feeling that Nature is creeping back into the house, renewing the energy and blessing it with her presence means that when I walk in the door now, I really do feel like I'm coming home, because Nature is back here at home with me. 

And sure enough, ever since I made that realization, my cold symptoms have decreased dramatically, and the plague of mucus is making a swift exit, almost as though it can't retreat fast enough. I can't wait to hit the trails again tomorrow morning, bright and early, and take in more sunshine, inhale more fresh air, and hopefully, see some more herons, eagles, hawks, and other wild life! 

I hope your 2014 is also rewarding you with epiphanies, insights, and wisdom, and that you are enjoying it to the best you can too! Namaste everyone!


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