What doing Tarot and Oracle readings online has taught me.

Well, I think we could all pretty much see this post coming, couldn't we? Anytime there is a big shift in someone's life, there are going to be lessons to be had from it, and my decision to offer readings professionally has really been no exception. In the short time that I've been doing readings for other people, I have learned a few key lessons. Hopefully, this post will help you, a potential querent, and myself, the reader, to grow and learn from these experiences.

First, your own personal style is not going to be for everyone. I was fairly aware of this before I started, but I've become more aware of it since then. Since I have a very strong moral and ethical standpoint on a few things, like doing readings about when something will happen, absent third-parties, and for assessing people's emotional states, I realize that I will not be able to read for just anyone and get great feedback. Some people really want to know what it set in the future, and some people really want a reader to tell them why a certain person in their life is acting the way that they are. Simple fact is this: I'm not the one to tell them. It crosses my personal boundaries, and I'm not willing to cross them, not for any price tag. The human psyche is private, and unless you personally are asking me to tap into yours to get answers, I won't be delving. I believe very strongly in privacy, and no amount of begging, pleading, or money-rubbing is going to change my mind on that.

Second, readings take up my energy. I had obviously never read for very many people in a day before, but since starting readings online, and doing more than one a day for someone other than myself, I've discovered that they zap my energy quickly, so I've been actually very glad of the fairly slow start and well-spread-out purchases that I've had. I've also learned that doing readings while I'm truly sick (not while I'm in the getting rid of the last of the symptoms stage) is really a bad idea... it left me exhausted, and honestly, wound me up in the hospital. I know better now not to push myself. I put in a 3-5 day turn around for a reason - so that if I need to, I can push a reading back for a day or two and recover my strength.

Third, that reading in a room with a door closed and incense burning with no ventilation, is going to lead to me having a coughing fit. I won't be doing that silliness again. I had to redo one video three times because the smoke made my throat so dry I couldn't speak. I've always been able to handle incense, but I realize now that before, it was always burning in a well-ventilated room, and I wasn't right in front of it. No more incense, unless the room is large! Candles only from now on!

Fourth, that I need to accept interruptions. I've explained away my children being home for a lot of my readings often enough that I'm just repeating myself unnecessarily now. I have kids, including a toddler. Sometimes, they are not entranced by the glowing box of movies and shows, and they choose to come see what I'm doing. This is going to happen, get it used to it.

And lastly, to roll with the punches. There are always going to be exceptions to just about every rule, and I need to be prepared to make them, and to handle them. Shit happens, as the saying goes, and if some shit goes down during your reading, I will go with it as well. Sometimes, this whole holding a mirror up to ourselves and getting answers thing can be raw, scary, and even painful, but we can and will get through these challenges, and to the other side.

Namaste everyone, hope this new moon is treating you well, and helping you to shed the old, and begin anew, with fresh eyes, and light steps!



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