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So, in case you didn't know this already from my multiple references to books in my videos and blog before, not to mention my Facebook page, I'm a bibliophile, big time. I love nothing more than to browse new and used bookstores, looking for treasures amidst the shelves. I love it when bookstores smell like bookstores, I love it when they place classical music all day long, and I will forever judge a quality of a bookstore by its children's section - if it doesn't inspire me to be whimsical and child-like again, I'm out. Stuffed animals of famous characters, little chairs, a few toys, and all the shelves at a child's level are a must, and I'm lucky enough to have two such stores in my city like that. One has posters of old rock and roll bands and movies everywhere and plays obscure rock music from the 70's, with extra shelves literally built all the way up to the ceiling on top of the regular book shelves, books packed into every single corner, coming out the yin-yang, while the other is neat and organized and plays soft classical music all day, a cat lives there, and it's quiet, a peaceful place, a refuge. One gets me excited about books, the other allows me to slip into a book dream-land.....

Oh right, I was supposed to be writing about my own books, not the stores... sorry.. did I mention I'm a certifiable bibliophile?? And I know that a lot of you out there are too. You love books and everything about them just as dearly as I do, and you probably hoard them as well. So, here's a look at what's on my shelves, with some brief discussion about them in between.

Many of you are aware of how much I love Jane Austen, these books are all the spin-off books about her and her works that I have, with the exception of a couple, which you'll see in a minute. Also, that's a complete collection of Sherlock Holmes, with illustrations from the original publishings. It's got gold leaf on all the edges, and it's beautiful, and I love it. It's also got a red velvet cover. *drool*

Let's face it, we knew the Harry Potter was coming. I've got tales of Beadle the Bard, Quiddich Through the Ages, the complete set in hardcover, and there's a couple Doreen Virtue books there too, Archangels 101 and Realm of the Earth Angels. Yes, I'm aware that Philosopher's Stone isn't pictured, it's currently being read by my daughter, and is in her room. 

And there's my Jane Austen, with my Jane Austen quirks... Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and the prequel and the sequel to Zombies. Epic!! I also have a love of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir books, and so they are on this shelf too, plus a novel that was too big to fit on my other novel shelf.

I think we also knew that Tolkien was coming, so there's proof... die hard fan. :D I'm also a big fan of Maud Hart Lovelace. She did something similar to Little House on the Prairie, she wrote about her childhood, all th way up to adulthood, but this time she changed the names and made up the name of the town where they grew up, but the description is dead on. My aunt has actually been to the house where she lived as a child. The name of the series is Betsy-Tacy, and they are wonderful, truly wonderful. My favorite ones are the teen and adult year books, but the child years are simply adorable.

Now we're getting into the second bookshelf. The first was a small one, this one goes almost to my ceiling. Here are a couple of my historical Jane Austen books, some cognitive behavioural therapy books from my depression days, a couple on pregnancy/labour, and then... ahh... my SARK books. If you haven't read anything by her, then you MUST. They are colorful, fun, and full of imaginative suggestions on how you can spark the creative in you, be a succulent wild woman, all sorts of goodies! I have almost all of her books, I have read all the ones here. I continue to re-read them over the years, and they inspire me over and over again. You can see to the right some of my knitting and sewing books tucked aside. They are mostly technique and pattern books, nothing exciting, so I didn't showcase them. 

This shelf is a mish-mash of spirituality, energy healing/stuff, and what I call "change your thought pattern" books, by people like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. Sonia Choquette is a favorite of mine, and the oracle deck that you see second from the bottom in the stack is her Ask Your Guides deck, which I love. There's also a couple of tarot books in there, and one on creating a beautiful blog. 

This shelf is another mish-mash. There's a book on shamanism, Jung, Charles Dickens, and some novels, and some books on parenting. Oh yes, and a book that every woman must read: Women Who Run with the Wolves. Pick yourself up a copy right after you finish reading this. And there's also some rocks that I either collected, or my children gave to me, and a photo of Morgan and one of her friends. 

This is my husband's shelf. This isn't all of what he has, but you have a good idea from this where his interests are: action-packed drama/mystery books, and stuff about dirt bikes and people riding motorcycles and going on adventures. Actually, the film series of Long Way Round and Long Way Down are really fascinating, I watched them with him. There's also Neil's flask, and a couple of my tarot decks. Cause I can't help taking over every shelf of this as "mine."

This is my Robert Jordan shelf. I got hooked on the Wheel of Time series when I was just 17. I've literally been reading these books for close to 13 years. I adore them, I re-read them every few years. Obsessed. I mean really, obsessed. And some lavender hand cream, and some oracle decks. The one in the purple bag is the Ancient Feminine Wisdom deck. 

This is the last shelf, and again, it's a mish-mash. There's basically nothing here but psychology/self-help books, tarot and spirituality, and yoga books. And some more tarot/oracle decks. Yeah, did I mention I was obsessed with books? 

I also gathered what I'm currently reading together:
Tarot and Psychology, which is a seriously interesting read (Thanks Kelly-Ann for recommending it!), Parenting Without Power-Struggles, because I'm a mom, and I need it, and I try to always have a novel on the go, both for reading at work, and for light-heartedness so I don't burn out or blow my mind to bits, The Crystal Cave.

I also thought I would show you what the family bookshelf looks like, the one that has all the children's books on it, except for the ones that my daughter keeps up in her room. I will also show that in a moment.

I know it's not very clear what we have, but basically, the two big stacks on the middle shelf are Berenstain Bears and Littler Critter (by Mercer Meyer), to the left of them are various soft-cover books, including Andrew's small collection of Scooby-Doo books, the bottom holds mostly bigger books, like Robert Munsch, the Beatrix Potter box set, and of course, the old staples, Dr. Seuss. Top shelf has some board books, and Andrew's Tag Junior and the books that go with it. He doesn't use them much, except when he feels like dancing, the last page when you touch it with the Tag reader plays a song.

Morgan isn't a big reader. She would much rather ride her bike or play with her friends, and that is reflected in which books she has on her shelf - they are mostly what I consider "fluff" books. Cute and sparkly and nice to look at, but fairly devoid of much substance... there's Fancy Nancy, some Disney Princess and Tinkerbell stuff, and a couple of odds and ends. The chapter book section looks promising, but it's rarely touched. I'm hoping as she gets older, and she has to read more in school and for school, and as her level increases, she may find reading more fun, and may actually get through the books that she has, but for now, we are not expanding the collection. They just aren't used much.

And this photo brings us to the last of the books in her room, the "teaching" books, and then the books that are rarely read. Once a week on Thursdays, my uncle who is a teacher on medical leave, comes over to the house and spends a couple hours helping Morgan with her reading. The books starting on top of the 5 minute stories book are actually his, they are a teaching resource, and have a lot of great exercises in there for her. He goes through these books and more when he's here with her, improving her skills. She's gone up four or five reading levels already since he started working with her back in February, but she's still a bit behind where her friends are, so we are continuing to work with her so she can feel she's at par with them.

Well, there you have it! My bookshelves, and my children's bookshelves too! Hopefully that wasn't too boring, and you were drooling as much as I have while picking them out over the years! 

Happy trails, and namaste! -Jessica


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