You will notice some changes.


As you may have noticed, things have changed a bit around here at the Gentle Psychic blog. There is a new header, lots of new pages, and even images that take you to separate hidden pages so you can connect with me, and view clips of my channel without leaving the page! I’m working on integrating everything together to make one big coherent beast, and brand it all under my title of the Gentle Psychic. Yes, that’s correct, I’m dropping the “Wisdom” bit of things. It makes stuff a bit too long, and it makes things a little more complicated than I really want. I hope that as I continue to change things up a bit, that you will stick with me, bear with the confusion when it happens, and put forth your opinions and comments when you have relevant ones.

I’m also going to be working towards providing another type of reading on my shop, the more traditional WRITTEN ones. Making videos that are background-noise free and that really show off the cards is becoming increasingly difficult with the activity level of my children and my access to quiet space in which to do readings. Lighting is often terrible at best, and I am having difficulties getting the videos off my camera and on to the computer. So, coming soon, readings will be done in PDF format, and options will be available to purchase video readings still, but the difficulties I am having in carving out space, time, and quiet to do them will be reflected in the price. I hope that all of you will understand. These changes I am hoping to have ready to launch in May 2014.

As a warning, I will going through my videos at some point and removing some from my YouTube channel if I feel that they no longer reflect my vision for the future. I want to avoid sending out mixed and confusing messages to everyone. I also want to start focusing on tarot education as well as readings, and so I’m hoping to start work on things like worksheets, workbooks, and even e-books that could be downloaded as PDF’s on my Etsy shop. These changes will take time, but I want to kind of get the word out there so that I’m a bit accountable for my blabbering. I hope that these changes will resonate with you as much as they do with me, and that they encourage more interaction between us as a community. Please feel free to leave comments or to contact me and let me know what you think (so long as you do it in a respectful manner, of course!).


Happy trails, and namaste everyone, Jessica.


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