Happenings, Changes, and an Oracle Card!

So you might have seen my announcement yesterday on Facebook about the grand re-opening my Etsy shop, coming August 1, 2014, and about the changes to my reading style, the types of videos I will do, and the level of activity on my blog, and this blog post will further discuss the details of the all the changes and happenings that are going on here, at the Gentle Psychic.

As you probably already know, I originally took a vacation from my shop to better facilitate our move as we bought our new house, and the training I was doing for my second job - it was all a bit much for me, and I didn't have the time, let alone the energy with being in my first trimester of my pregnancy to accommodate readings as well. I had intended to reopen the shop July 1, about a week after my move was finished, but then just before I was to do that, I had a major pregnancy complication that got me stuck on bedrest, and let me not only emotionally exhausted, but physically spent as well, because of the large blood loss I was having from the complication.

Fast forward to my birthday, this past Wednesday, the 23rd, and I got the best news possible from my OB-GYN, that the baby was going to make it, and I could start increasing my activity level again. I'm still not able to go back to my official job as a pharmacy assistant, because it will require me to be on my feet too much, and I haven't yet recovered all the haemoglobin I lost. but my energy and spirits are up sufficiently that I feel I can begin doing readings for people again. I'm totally excited to get back into the swing of things again, to be perfectly honest!

So I've spent the whole day re-vamping my readings, the services I offer, and even made the long-debated decision to stop doing weekly reading videos on my YouTube channel. While they are popular, doing those weekly readings are not what really feeds my soul, and I find myself not only dreading them, but sometimes trying to find excuses for NOT doing them that particular week. To me, that's a big sign that my energies are better spent elsewhere, and the things I really want to focus on, like Talking Tarot videos, or fun blog posts about individual tarot and oracle cards, gets put by the wayside because I'm too busy feeling drained... It's one of those things that I feel so many other people do, and do WELL, and I just don't feel like contributing to that area of the YouTube community is necessary for me any more. I know that I may lose a few of my YouTube subscribers in making this decision, but I feel like my core fan base will be more than happy to grow and change with me.

It also makes room for me to bring in new and exciting things, like this: examining one tarot or oracle card in depth, exploring it's meaning, as well as my readers getting exposed to a lot of different decks that I have on hand. This week, for instance, I am featuring the Lake; Stillness card from the Earth Magic Oracle deck by Dr. Steven Farmer:

The image in this card is one of peacefulness, calm, and silence. The world is not yet awake or active, and the landscape is tranquil and content. The Lake card reminds us of the need to slow down in our fast-paced lives, and that at this time, it's imperative that we take a break from the drama going on around us. Too often, we feel that if we aren't doing anything then our time is wasted, and while at times that is true, when this card crops up, we know that the opposite applies. This is a time to be still, to be calm, to stand still amongst all the activity going on around you. Take time to rest not only your physical body, but also your mind. Meditate, go for a calm walk out in nature, and find a place to sit and observe all that goes on around you; as the card suggests, a lake would be a great place, but other bodies of water can have the same healing affect - the ocean, a riverside, or even a pond or fountain in your home or backyard. When we slow down, we are better able to process our emotions, and the things that are going on in our lives. When we slow down, solutions to our problems or inspiration for creative projects can suddenly pop into our heads, unbidden. When we slow down, we invoke the greatest form of self-care, relaxation, which can help to reverse the dangerous affects that large amounts of stress hormones can have on our physical bodies, and enables us to tap into the wisdom that we already have inside of us, that we just couldn't hear before because we were too busy trying to keep moving. 

I so hope to see you on August 1st for the grand re-opening of my shop! And if you haven't already, check out my video explaining all of this juicy goodness here. I suggest you stick around to the end of the video... you may be glad you did. ;)


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