Why I've Lowered my Expectations.

Some of you may know that I have an account on Goodreads.com (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/11062724-jessica if you would like to friend me), and that at the beginning of the year, I pledged that I wanted to read 100 books this year. Considering that I outpaced my 2013 goal by a long shot, I figured that it would be an easy task. And certainly, if I did nothing but read while still mostly confined to bedrest right now, I might be able to not only get caught up to that goal (last check I was 10 books behind schedule), but that I might be able to get on top of it, and give myself some wiggle room for the rest of the year.

But then, last night, as I found myself debating which book to read by comparing book sizes to find the smallest ones to get ahead, or contemplating re-reads of small books, also to get ahead, I realized that my goal had now turned into an obsession, and an unhealthy one at that. It wasn't making my love of reading any better, it was turning me into a reading slave, reading books just for the sake of hitting a number, and not for the sake of enjoying them. And this had me worried.

Is it ironic then, that I decided to take a pause break there and turn to Facebook, only to find that my all-time favourite Tarot teacher, Kelly-Ann at The Four Queens had published an ebook about 50 Joy Tips? I think not. I am definitely chalking that up to Synchronousity. That ebook came at just the right time for me to be able to look at myself and go "Yup, you're not using this as an excuse to minimize time on Facebook or Instagram to focus on the goals you want to achieve, you're using this as a pure and simple ego-boost, and it's not even a FUN ego-boost anymore."

So, after I downloaded and printed my copy of 50 Joy Tips, I headed right over to Goodreads and edited my book goal for 2014. Instead of 100 books, my goal is now 80. The number that I comfortably hit last year, and could possibly do again. And you know what? If I don't hit that number this year, I'm NOT going to use it an excuse to beat myself up, or get down. I'm going to chalk it up the fact that I might have used my time to do other things that I really love that I haven't been doing because I've been a slave to reading... like knitting, cross-stitching, reading tarot for clients, or any other number of loves of mine. I don't set ridiculous goals for any of my other hobbies, so why, (this thought is just occurring to me now) am I setting a goal for my reading?

I'm now debating if I should lower that number even further, or even take the goal off all together, or if that's not possible, then not even bothering to keep track... hmm.. lots more thinking to do on this..

Oh yes, if you want your own copy of 50 Joy Tips, just head on over here.


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