Yes, our name has changed.

What's in a name? Well, some people would say it's just what you're called by, that it doesn't really mean anything. Others would say that a name means a lot, and that when you know the true name of someone or something, then you have some power over it. Personally, for me, I've been struggling with my shop and channel's old name for a long time. It's never sat well with me, and I have been playing around with the idea of changing it for a very, very long time.

You might ask why, and you would be right to. And I would like to take a moment to explain it to all of you, especially given that my shop grand re-opening is tomorrow, and well, I feel like I owe you an explanation, lol. When I first opened my channel, Gentle Psychic Wisdom , on YouTube, my intention had only been to do some weekly readings and get some practice. I had intended to make a little bit of a name for myself, and just to basically play with my tarot and oracle decks in a more interactive way than I had been, maybe pass on some knowledge that I had, and meet some new people. I never expected it to evolve into a teaching or discussion capacity, or for me to open an Etsy shop and start doing readings for people on a client-by-client basis.

But then, life doesn't always work in ways that we expect, does it? So, as it was, when I decided to open the shop and get things moving in other capacities and on other forms of social media, the name Gentle Psychic, which had just kind of sprung out of my head on a whim when I opened the channel, simply followed. But as I did more spiritual research and spiritual delving, and got more involved in my journey, the name Gentle Psychic began to chafe. I never really considered myself to be psychic... I couldn't see the future or the past lives of other people, I don't claim to be able to read auras or energies or anything. I'm simply a highly intuitive and sensitive person, who, when I have a deck in my hands, is really good at reading what the cards tell me, and applying that wisdom to the situation of myself, or my clients. Sometimes my accuracy has spooked or surprised me, but still never enough that I really wanted to call myself "psychic." But I figured, well, it's the name I started off with... I guess I need to stick to it.

But this time away from my shop, from my work, and basically from anything other than this house, myself, my life, and my family has really given me a lot of clarity. I began to get really clear about what kind of services I wanted to offer on my shop, and through my YouTube channel. I got really clear about who I am, and what kind of labels and names I wanted to associate with myself. Psychic was definitely not one of them. I've been playing around with a lot of spiritual ideas and hats, and I can safely say that while the words "shaman," "witch," and "traveller" seem to fit me really well, "Psychic" seems to grate on my nerves. It hit me last night while I was doing a journey to the Shamanic Lower Worlds that I couldn't live with this name any longer.

But then, what could I live with? What should my name be, if not what I was already using? Using my legal name alone did not feel right, and certainly seemed boring, especially for a shop that deals in spiritual, and if you will excuse this term, "occult" items and activities. Besides, I didn't just want to do readings anymore, I wanted to help people, provide them with other products too, like ebooks, and crystal jewellery, and other things that help people along their own spiritual journey. And that's when it hit me. We are all on a spiritual journey, a journey into the depths of our own psyches, and sometimes, it's a bloody scary place. It's the reason that I tacked "gentle" onto my original name, because I wanted my readings to be a gentle guidance for other people, to give them that candle or flashlight if you will, as they explored the deepest, darkest places of themselves. And so, early this morning, during my first cup of Cream of Earl Grey tea of the day, the name Journeys of the Psyche was born.

It is my desire, through my services, to provide help, guidance, or even just a bit of company for you while you traverse your own Journey of the Psyche. There are times when the dark places seem so scary, and I know that during some of the hardest times of my life, when I had people who simply gave the metaphorical candle to light my way through the caves and tunnels of my own mind, that it was what helped the most, and meant the most to me. I still look back on those people, be they short-term friends, school counsellors, or mentors, with a love and admiration that is so, so strong. I hope that for some of you, I can be of similar service, and provide you with that company and support that so many of us need. 

To make things easier, I am using the same name all across the board, from YouTube, to Facebook and Twitter, and Etsy. If you click on my About pages on almost any of my social media names, you will get the updated links to everything. To make it extra easy though, here are all of those links now, in case you would like to update them:

And as always, my email remains the same, if you ever wish to contact me, send love notes, or just to reach out and say hi! I love to chat with my followers and get to know you, my inbox is always open!

Thanks for your patience everyone, I hope you like the new look and name! 


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