Finally! A respite from the heat!

Maybe I finally complained loudly enough, or maybe Mother Nature finally got the call reminding her to wind down for autumn, but the heat wave that has had me suffering like a shade-loving flower under constant sun has finally broken. Today, instead of climbing to 30 degrees Celcius or higher, the temperature only reached 28 at it's highest. Not much a difference, you might say, but those 2 degrees meant the difference between me being sweaty and miserable, and me being comfortably warm and actually able to concentrate on something for more than 5 minutes. And tomorrow, the temperature is only supposed to reach 25 or 26 degrees! Much more manageable!

As such, I've been able to sit down for long periods of time to focus on the subject I most want to study right now... tarot! But I'm not doing just any study! I'm working through Kim Huggen's book, Tarot 101, which is literally like taking a university style course on tarot. It goes over some brief history and structure of tarot, and then progresses into the Major Arcana for close-up study. But instead of working through the Majors in order, she groups them into groups of three (and one of four) to compare and contrast the themes similar among them. For instance, one grouping is The High Priestess, The Empress, and the The Star, and compares and contrasts the characteristics of femininity. It's a great system for working through the Majors, and I'm absolutely tickled pink by this book! 

The other wonderful thing about this book is that there are exercises and optional "homework" scattered throughout. Some of the exercises are done before you even look at your group of cards, to explore your thoughts and feelings on a concept first, before dipping your toes into one-on-one exploration of each card. While she does provide some definitions for these cards, she also highly encourages using your intuition to arrive at your answers first, before "looking up the answers," so to speak. 

I'm only part way through this book, but so far it's turning out to be one of my favorite resources on tarot. If you are a serious tarot student, I definitely recommend having this book in your library. It's one that will do little good to you just as a book of definitions though; to truly get the most out of it, you need to take the course, and do the work. I've found that things that never occurred to me are just clicking into place as I go. I am being pleasantly surprised at how much more I'm learning about a system that I've loved and learned about for so long now. I always try to cultivate a permanent student attitude, but sometimes, its easy to assume you know a lot about something. This book proves once again that you are never done learning, and that the process of education can be fun, adventurous, and thrilling. 

Happy August everyone!


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