Know Your Fears

This week's card has been drawn from my newest oracle deck, The Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan. I received it yesterday, and I've been playing around with it a little bit, and I must say, it's been pretty accurate so far. I think this deck will end up being in my top 5 favourites. Here is the card:

Know Your Fears talks about knowing what scares you intimately, and addressing them head-on. We're talking about all kinds of fear; spiders and other creepy-crawlies, heights, and the big ones too, like failure, rejection, and embarrassment. A lot of us give fear a bad name, sighting it as the reason we don't go for things we want, because we fear failure or rejection as mentioned above, but fear can be a healthy thing too. There is a reason we are instinctually afraid of going down into a dark cellar - we don't know what's down there, we are afraid of what we might find, or, what might find us. Fear can be a healthy mental check for us, it warns of us danger, and to be on our guard. Fear can literally save our lives.

But fear can also be a big motivator for not going after what we want. There is a lovely poem by Marianne Williamson that talks about how its not our darkness that scares us, it's the light inside us. You can read the entire poem here. I think that that poem holds so much truth in it! We are scared of being the best we can be! We are scared of glowing in a crowd and standing out. We are scared of being truly noticed and recognized. There are so many things that we are afraid of. It's okay to have fears, but it's not okay to let 
them control us. Take some time this week to journal about or reflect on what scares you, how you let those fears control your life, and what you can do about it. "Shine a flashlight on your dark places." the famous author SARK says in many of her books. That sounds like such a cute idea for something so big, but sometimes, it really is that simple. Take a flashlight and shine it on your dark places, and then, with as much forgiveness and kindness you can muster, draw that fear to you, hug it, recognize it, validate it, and then, if it's ready, let it go.

Have a wonderful week everyone. I hope this post has given you some food for thought.


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