My Vacation in Photos

So as I stated several days ago, I went away to my family cabins in the Caribou of British Columbia, Canada. This property was purchased by my great-grandfather on my mother's side, and over several year's time, four cabins were constructed, one for each of his children, as well as storage sheds, and a garden swing that is still there today, with minimal modifications made to it. Porcupine Creek runs through our property, and its a spawning stream for rainbow trout, which we can also catch in the nearby lake, less than 2km away from the property. It's a peaceful place, being about a 10 minute drive from the nearby village, and a dirt road runs along the front of the property. It's not uncommon to see deer, black bears, and rarely, cougars, along with a myriad of birds, rodents, and small mammals like rabbits. 

Below is a collection of pictures of my visit to our lovely cabins, along with some scenes from my trip to the lake with my husband, and the ride back. Not pictured, but seen, were the following animals: a buck and doe together, a mother deer with two fawns, three pilleated woodpeckers, flickers (my main totem animal, yay!), loons, and bald eagles.

Andrew, eating an apple on the garden swing my great-grandfather built. 
Three bats that were uncovered when my great-aunt took down a sign while packing for the winter.

Two original structures to the property, left, a smoke house for fish, and the old root cellar entrance.

Porcupine creek, photographed from one of the bridges.

My favourite wildflower, Indian's Paintbrush, in a field on the property.

Andrew and Morgan enjoying a new favourite treat: hot cocoa!

Mama deer, her two fawns are hidden in the tall grass. They still had their spots on them!

My husband Neil, with his third trout caught that trip.

Wild grouse spotted on the road, just a few minutes into our journey home!

We also decided to stop at Hell's Gate Air tram on our way home, quite on a whim! I've been driving past it ever since I was a kid, and had never gone, and Neil had always wanted to go too, so we stopped, and boy were we happy we did! The view was staggering, and there were some great totem poles and other native art there on the other side of the river! 

Andrew in front of a hand-carved Chief statue.

All three of my love-bugs, by a brightly painted totem pole.

The Fraser River, as seen from the bridge built below the tram station.

We had a great time, but it's good to be back home, sleeping in our own beds again. We all spent a lot of time outdoors, even though I spent most of it sitting down somewhere, the fresh air definitely did us good! It's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even for a few days, and I'm already looking forward to my next trip to the cabins, which I hope will be a little earlier in the summer next year. Hopefully all of you enjoyed your week too!


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