Setting Goals

This Sunday, the 17th, my family and I are going away for a week's vacation to our family cabins in the interior of British Columbia, a trip I have looked forward to each summer every since I was a young child. My great-grandfather bought a piece of land when my mother was just a girl (if she was even born yet) and a cabin was built for each of his four children and their families to use when they came up each summer. We have a decent sized piece of sprawling land, complete with a few small hills, lots of conifer and cottonwood trees, and even a creek running through the property that sees salmon coming back to spawn each year. Less than 2 km away is a lake where you can swim and go fishing for rainbow trout, and we are set right in between two mountains with a dirt road running in front of us, to round a bend a little up the hill and disappear out of sight. It is peaceful, still, and quiet, well, except when the children get up and decide it's time to play! It is not uncommon to see white-tailed deer, black bears, eagles, woodpeckers and rabbits, and very rarely a cougar is spotted and we all have to be very careful.

So, because of my absence, I am drawing next week's card today and talking about it, and since I don't come back until the 23rd or 24th, I will not be blogging about a card that week, but it will be replaced with a photo blog post about my vacation, for those who might be interested. I was shuffling this morning thinking about how excited I am for this trip, and so I had to laugh when I saw this card pop up:

The Ace of Pentacles! The tarot's very own card about setting forth on some kind of journey or starting some kind of venture or search in your tangible realm. This card is often thought to represent a new job or house, or influx of money or material possessions of some kind, but often forgotten is the concept of this card representing the beginning of a journey, and not just a physical one either, though being a pentacle, it does often represent that. There are lots of journeys that we can take that will greatly affect our physical realm but that do not start off in the physical realm, and the idea of setting goals, or starting off the process with a lot of deep thinking popped into my mind. 

Setting a goal is usually the first step towards manifesting something that you want, but we often overlook this concept when we draw pentacles, think the whole idea of goal-setting is more of a swords concept. But the mind the tangible realm have a way of overlapping and feeding off each other; brainstorming leads to actions that manifest what we want, thoughts on whether or not a step is working leads to us making changes, etc. The swords can't keep just thinking and communicating forever without affecting change in the real world, the suit of pentacles, and the happenings and results in the real world can't help but inspire food for thought. The two suits for me feel very cyclical, constantly feeding each other, and giving fuel for the other's fire. 

So often, when I read a pentacle, I often end up reading an aspect of a sword in there too, and vice versa. And the Ace of Pentacles is no exception. This is a time of year ripe for new goals, fresh intentions, and to pave the way for a brighter future, if you are willing to sit down to do it. School will be welcoming our children back soon, and summer routines are about to be shaken up. If you are a parent this is a perfect time to reflect on what parts of the family schedule didn't go well last school year, and figure out where to make changes, and if you don't have children this is a perfect time to look at other parts of your life that perhaps this time last year you felt you could have improved upon - like your budgeting for Christmas spending perhaps, and make changes there. No matter what walk of life you're from, the end of August and beginning of September probably feels a bit like a new beginning, even deep down inside you, and it makes a great time to reassess where you are and where you want to go, and set goals, pen action steps, and manifest those dreams. 

Happy goal-setting! 


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