The Blood Dance

Well, I wasn't going to type up anything about a new oracle card this week, seeing as how I just got back from vacation, but then I pulled this card for myself today, and all bets were off:

From the Journey of Love Oracle Cards

The Blood Dance card speaks about how our hearts are the Divine, and our blood is our connection to the Divine. The further away from the heart the blood goes the harder it is to feel the connection, but it is all part of a cycle. The heart pumps the blood away to all sorts of places, and then it returns. Away, return, away, return. Just like our connection with the Divine, in whatever form you feel it or see it in. This card comes at a time when that reassurance is very much needed. I've had a hard couple of days emotionally (not to mention physically, Baby is kicking my butt bad this week), and I feel anything but connected and switched on spiritually. A reminder that this is all part of the Blood Dance was exactly what I needed to hear. 

So, what do you do when your Blood Dance takes you far away from Great Spirit, and you feel drained, empty or lost? Do you intentionally do something to try to get you "back on track?" Do you ride the phase, knowing you will eventually get back to where you want to be? Does it feel painful when you are cycling away from the Heart? Does it make you feel empty? How do you cope with these feelings? Are these coping mechanisms really working, or can you change them up to create a healthier relationship to this cycle?

Hope your week brings you closer to where you want to be, love bugs.


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