This Week's Oracle Card

I hope that everyone had a lovely Lughnasadh, and that it was filled with abundance, gratitude, and so much more. For myself, it was a great day. I spent the morning with my son before we went shopping to get our local harvest items and came back home to have lunch and to bake bread. Our dinner of BC steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh made bread was delicious, and after dinner I settled down to make myself a new style of journal. I watched 2 people's videos that day and got ideas to combine them, a lunar calendar journal and a daily tarot journal all in one, and as soon as I could, I raced out to Target and picked up my own planner and got to work personalizing it. If you want to see that video, then here it is:

But enough about that. We're here for a card! Last week I drew from Steven Farmer's Earth Magic oracle deck, and this week, I have chose a card from another one of his decks, the Animal Spirit Guides deck. This is the card that I drew:

As we are all aware, mountain goats are experts at climbing and balance. The rocky terrain that they can traverse would make most humans dizzy just to think about it. And of course, they will leap from outcrop to outcrop at a moment's notice. Their balance is impeccable, and we can take many lessons from mountain goat on that.

Many years ago a wise friend of mine told me that if you divided your life into three categories, Work/School, Friends/Family and Personal/Spiritual that it would be easier to keep things in balance. You looked at each category separately, maybe spending a lot of time in quiet contemplation about the "health" of each section, or journaling about it to reflect on it. If your life felt out of balance, it was probably because one of those areas wasn't as healthy as it could be. Physical health, by the way, falls under the Personal/Spiritual category. He, like myself, believes that physical health and mental health go hand in hand, they can't be separated. And sure enough, ever since then, when I have noticed my life teetering out of control or feeling off, there has been something amiss in one of those areas. Once I corrected it, things went along swimmingly again.

Mountain Goat is here to urge you to do the same. Don't divide your life into too many categories and try bringing balance to each of them. Simply your system, look at each area separately. If something is out of balance in each, then tackle the easiest thing first to give you the motivation and energy to work on the rest. And remember, if you are feeling alone in this, ask Mountain Goat for help, he will surely be by your side.


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