I feel like I have nothing relevant to say.

I'm going through what I will dub for now as a "phase." This phase includes me feeling fairly reclusive from people, especially through social media, as well as feeling like I have nothing relevant to say... here on the blog, on Facebook, on my YouTube channel, etc. It's not that I haven't enjoyed these things in the past, because I certainly have, but I feel like a lot of the same opinions, ideas, and things that I would be expressing or doing, have either been done, or are being done by people that I feel do it so much better than I could. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling jealous or upset that these other people are doing or expressing the same things as me, I'm just simply saying that I feel like they do it so much better... there's no point in me expressing it again, because it's already been done.

Right now, my journey feels very individual, very personal, and very private. I'm normally very happy to wax poetic on the things I'm exploring, or doing spiritually-speaking, but lately, I am tight-lipped. It's not that I'm trying to be secretive, but it's just not stuff that I feel make very good blog posts or conversation starters.

In sort, I'm taking The Hermit's Journey right now, and I'm sorry, but the rest of you won't really be able to follow along. I'm taking a few days to consider about whether or not I'm going to close my Etsy Shop, and remove the parts of my website that talk about it, permanently, I'm also taking time to consider taking a hiatus from YouTube, and not making videos. And I'm definitely considering shutting down my Journeys of the Psyche Facebook page.

I just don't feel like I have anything relevant to say. My YouTube activity is sporadic, and uninspired at best these days, and my Facebook activity is usually reduced to reposting some lovely pictures and quotes that I find from pages that I follow on Facebook. I'm already running on bare-minimum effort, and some days even THAT feels like too much.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that if I shut some pages down, and go off on my own, it's not you guys, it's me. And, I hope you'll understand.

Wow... I managed to make this post sound like a break-up speech. Go me?


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