Mabon; Autumnal Equinox

For those of my readers who also live in BC, this Mabon fell upon the first day that kids were back in school full time (unless you send your kids to private school). The teacher strike delayed things quite a bit, and as a result of needing to get things ready for school last minute (we found out Morgan was going back to school the Thursday night before the Monday), my Mabon plans went by the wayside. And because my children did not go to bed at their proper times last night (not usually an issue... happens about once every 2-3 weeks), I didn't even really get any time to be by myself and reflect last night either. I did, however, during the day, go for a walk at the near by Great Blue Heron reserve. The herons were not to be found yesterday, however, I did see eagles, and my most powerful totem animal, the northern flicker.

I took that shot down at the river, with an eagle watching over me as I gave myself a blessing from the river, over all seven chakras. I felt the power of balance yesterday, as I stood at the edge of such a beautiful life-giving river, and had a bird of prey, a bringer of death, sitting guard over it, ready to harvest his or her breakfast at any moment. The theme of life and death, and balance continued as I walked a little further on:

Mushrooms, a fungus that feeds on decay and death, growing all over this tree, which is very much alive. Together, the balance of a bringer of death being able to survive on a bringer of life struck me greatly. The equinox is a time of equality of light and dark, and of course in autumn, we know the balance will tip heavily in the favour of darkness, starting of course, the very next day. It is a time of stillness for me, even though in reality, my day was very much one of action and being on the move. No matter what happened all day, I still felt as though I was waiting for something. 

I was waiting for the dark. 

With the darkness, came a stillness and a calmness to my thoughts. Winter is when I naturally tend to pull back from social engagements, family, and even hanging out with my friends. I gravitate towards spending time alone, writing in my journal more, and reading more spiritual books, blogs, and websites. I contemplate my path, my journey, where I've been, and where I'm going, and last night was no exception. In about three months, I will give birth to the child that is growing inside of me, and it will happen within just a few weeks of Yule, a time when Pagans and Wiccans often celebrate the "rebirth" of the sun, and the coming of the lighter days again, as move past the winter solstice. This coinciding of time is not lost on me. 

Once I give birth, it will be a time of great change in my life, It will still be dark days when my child is born, there will still be a natural desire and need to stay inside where it is warm and safe, but as my child grows into the stage where they are more active, more alert, and beginning to learn and explore as much as they eat, poop, and sleep, it will be time to emerge from the safety of our cocoon, the home, and into the world more. 

So, as I move into the last stages of my pregnancy, a time when I will naturally be less active and out in the world, I move into the inner recesses of my psyche and spirituality. I connect with the deeper aspects of myself, and reflect on who I am as a person, and where I want to evolve next. I have looked forward to the rain, the coolness, and the excuse to stay wrapped up, cozy in my bed with my journal and tea for awhile, and now that it's here, I'm relishing it. 

I will of course, still continue to get outside and enjoy my beloved fall weather (yes, rain and everything) as I can, but it's the cozy nights, with the sound of rain falling outside my window, that I really look forward to. 

I hope your Mabon was delightful, and I intend to do some of that seasonal reflection time today, a day of the dark moon no less. Bright blessings to all of you. 


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