DIY Halloween Decorations

So, to go totally off the spirituality topic, I'm an all-around crafty person. Always have been, always will be. While my brothers regularly watched cartoon programs as kids, I was the one who always reserved my tv time for Art Attack on the weekends, and could easily spend hours at our playroom craft table, whipping up project after project. My grandma would always save prime crafting materials for me for the summer cabins too, like toilet paper rolls, wine corks, and bits of wallpaper or wrapping paper that weren't usable, but were perfect for collaging with. This tendency hasn't changed in me as an adult, and sometimes I practically live on Pinterest, and I go on big crafting binges on at the very least, a seasonal basis. This Halloween has been no exception.

First off, if you would like to see my entire Fall/Halloween board on Pinterest, you can find it here. I have both adult-orientated and child-friendly ideas there, as well as other nifty things, like potpourri and pumpkin carving. My Finished Projects board might also interest you, as you can see what I've completed so far.

Being the only actively spiritual person in the household however, I like to try to make sure that my decorations can perform at least a dual function. First off, it has to be able to look good in the house as a regular decoration for the season. If it would look seriously out of place, or way too "witchy" to be anything but, then it won't make it to the family-friendly areas of the house, and of course, I only have so much room in my tiny office to accommodate seasonal decorations and themes. That's why these fall leaves candle jars were perfect!

They are "fall" enough to stick around for the whole months of September and October, can easily grace the altar, and will look divine on Halloween night as well. My Paperback Pumpkin gave new life to a tattered paperback that couldn't be saved, and personally, I'm super proud of how cute it looks. 

I've got the fellow moms covered too, though! Dollar store canvases and a bit of cheap acrylic paint, and a wine cork make making art for toddlers (or even older kids too, they would also probably love this one) simple and fun. 

All you have to do is paint the trunk and grass (or cut them out of construction paper and glue them down onto paper or cardboard instead), put out one cork for each color, and let the paint fly. I plan on making these spooky spider jars next, since all you need are empty mason jars, battery operated tea lights from the dollar store, spider webs, and plastic spiders. 

Around this time of year is when I start thinking about making my Yule/Christmas decorations too, because if I need to collect natural materials, like pine cones or branches or bark, this is the time to do it, before they get too soaked with autumn and winter rains, and take forever to dry out. I've started collecting a lot of neat ideas on my Pinterest board here, so check it out! There's a few kid-friendly ideas in there, like a felt Christmas tree and decorations that your toddler can take apart and reassemble a million times, and leave your own tree alone, or cute natural ornament ideas as well. 

Happy crafting! 


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