Journeys and Shape-Shifting

Whenever you birth something into the world, be it a child, a project, a piece of art, what have you, it changes you. Birthing is a potent process that strips away pieces of you that are no longer needed, and brings into existence something totally new and separate from you, and yet not so separate. In December of last year, I birthed a child into the world. During the summer of this year, I birthed a whole new spiritual practice and outlook on life. It's been a long time coming.

As a result of this birth process, things were asked to be stripped away. Like the anniotic fluid that surrounds a fetus and nourishes it, there are often practices or objects or music or inspiration that surrounds a person when they are birthing something creative and spiritual, that no longer serves them when they come out the other side. Such were my old YouTube videos, and my old name for world. I am no longer in vibration with The Gentle Psychic or Journeys of the Psyche. I am just Jess...just plain old Jessica Johnson, but with more potent messages, lessons, and discussions for the world now.

And so, I have deleted my old videos.

Some of you may be upset that your old favorites have been removed from cyberspace, and some of you may not really care one way or another. But all those videos, old links to websites, store fronts and Facebook pages that don't exist any longer were starting to bug me. It felt like I was trying to wear a shirt from before my pregnancy - it felt tight, constrictive, and like it was keeping me from being free.

I am a different person now. This most recent pregnancy and birth changed me. Recent experiences with my children have changed me. Courses, meditations, and classes that I have taken part in lately have changed me. And like an old shirt that was too small, my old videos and ramblings didn't fit who I was anymore, and I needed to purge them.

There are new videos coming, and yes, you will have to be patient for some of them to come into the world. I am pregnant with ideas, inspiration and topics to talk about, and like any other pregnancy, the babes will need to incubate awhile longer before they are ready to make their own appearance.

But, with a little patience, and your support and own ideas of things to discuss, eventually some new content will come out that will really twirl your spaghetti. I hope you will be there with me as these new videos come into existence. And if not, then I wish you all the best on your own travels.

So my lovelies, much love and blessings to you, and see you on the path, fellow travellers.



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