Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In case you have been wondering where I've been these past few months, the answer is... within myself. Usually shortly after the Autumnal Equinox, I start to really get into the dark part of the year pretty intensely. I start to do a lot of reflecting about my past year, I decorate and ponder about what I'll do for Samhain, I buy the Leonie Dawson workbook and start releasing all that shit that I've carried around with me, and then... Yule and Christmas season hits, and I'm busy buying, wrapping, decorating and cleaning for the holidays like the rest of you.

And, I have three children that barely give me a moment's peace... so that doesn't help me get blog posts written either.

Basically, I fell down the rabbit hole of gazing at my own navel for far too long, and far too deeply. Now that Christmas is over, I've come out the other side and looked back on the past three months and wondered where much of that time went. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret spending all that time thinking about life love and laundry, but I'm definitely wondering if I went overboard on it this year.

Now that I have a new camcorder, I'm back at making videos, and with a brand-spanking new office space for me to retreat to and record in, I'm in the full swing of yapping at you guys about all thing spiritual.

There are only 4 days left in this year as I write this blog post, and I've got a lot jammed in to them; a chiropractor appointment and yoga class tomorrow, yoga again on Tuesday and grocery shopping afterwards, my daughter's first birthday on Wednesday, and then it's New Year's Eve Thursday, and we still don't know what we're doing (I'm certainly not staying up until midnight... not with a 5 year old that likes to wake up at 5:30am!), and then the weekend is going to be spent taking down and putting away all the Christmas decorations, and tidying and righting of the house. There is so much involved in that process, always more than I suspect... vacuuming, dusting, rearranging of furniture, and then usually it gets me going on a cleaning spree, and it spills over into cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and vacuuming stairs and the cobwebs out of neglected corners.

So, I hope you'll forgive me my absence, and hopefully, I'll get better at scheduling time to write blog posts for you.

Namaste my fellow travellers!


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